Now PIO and OCI cardholders can travel to India

India is easing travel restrictions as now all PIO and OCI card holders and foreign tourists can visit India at all but Visa and all travelers can enter India via official Air and water routes and via airports and ports of entry. This is a recent announcement from the Ministry of Interior.

Recent announcements also include aircraft operated under the auspices of the Air Force Vand and Vande Bharat Mission or by any unmanned aircraft approved by the Ministry of Civil Aviation. But travelers should follow Covid-19’s guidelines from the Ministry of Health and Family Culture.

And according to reports, the government is planning to immediately refund all existing visas except for Visitor Visas, Electronic Visa, and Medical Visa. And according to reports, foreigners who want to go to India for medical treatment can apply for a Medical visa which also applies to medical professionals.

If the visa status expires then travelers can register a new visa in the appropriate categories that can be found at India Mission / Posts.

The recent idea will help foreign nationals travel to India for a variety of purposes, such as education, business, employment, conferences, employment, medical, research, and more, and comes with the government’s idea to reduce visa restrictions on Indian and foreign nationals. who are planning to visit India or leave India.

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