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PITTSBURGH (AP) – Ian Book passed 312 yards with three touchdowns – two of which took a long time to complete the transfer of Ben Skowronek – and No. 3 Notre Dame defeated Pitt 45-3 on Saturday.

One week after their move to Louisville, Notre Dame (5-0, 4-0 ACC) had no such thing in giving the Panthers (3-4, 2-4) their fourth consecutive loss.

Book hit Skowronek for a 34-yard fight in Ireland’s first battle with Pitt – a game without a major injured Kenny Pickett in the second straight week – could not follow.

Notre Dame’s toughest line-up against one of the best-performing teams in the country and when Book had time, he found the players open. The books were 19.5 yards in the final and often had to do more than just lift the ball and allow its players to do the rest. He connected with Skowronek to get a 73-yard field yard in the second half, while the 6-foot-3 Skowronek is doing a lot of work, jumping the ball and then running to the finish to be 14-3.

Notre Dame dashed any hopes Pitt – who had been known in recent years to be a temporary killer – probably ended at the end of the second half. Linebacker’s first career Bo Bauer set up a two-man lead by Kyren Williams who pushed for 21-3 with 1:29 remaining in the first half. Pitt’s three games went nowhere and Iranian sophomore freedom fighter Isaiah Foskey ran uninvited to block Kirk Christodoulou’s competition. Foskey chased the ball to the end to pick it up to keep things out of the 28-3.

New Pitt where quarterback Joey Yellen struggled in his second innings instead of Pickett. Yellen, who played well after losing to Miami last week, completed just 10 of 21 passes in 107 yards and three innings before being drawn in the third quarter in place of Davis Beville. Beville only had one list left before Nick Patti came in fourth.


Notre Dame: The Irish people can’t go wrong with the number 1 Clemson coming on November 7. They were about to face them against Louisville but they responded positively on the street against the team that came with the eighth team. The book was kept only twice, using its legs as needed and avoiding mistakes. If they can get on the road again at Georgia Tech next week, the Annual Games can be held in South Bend on the first Saturday in November.

Pitt: The Panther entered October undefeated. They will come out with their first four-game losing streak since 2007.


The Irish people are not going anywhere if they catch Pitt easily.


Notre Dame: goes to Georgia Tech next Saturday. The Irish people won their last meeting with the White Jackets 30-22 back in 2015.

Pitt: The Panthers will leave next week and head to Florida State on November 7th.


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