No. Three Notre Dame rides huge performs to rout of Pitt

PITTSBURGH – Brian Kelly understands human nature. And former Notre Dame coach is fine if his players expect to meet Clemson in two weeks, as long as they play as a team that could be hung by Tiger at the moment.

“We have to improve our game if we have the opportunity to achieve our goal, which is to win the competition,” Kelly said.

Consider the message received.

Ian Book went over 312 yards and three touchdowns – two of which took a long time to complete the transfer of Ben Skowronek – while Fighting Ireland beat Pittsburgh 45-3 on Saturday.

A week later from Louisville, No. 3 Notre Dame (5-0, 4-0 Atlantic Coast Conference) did not hold a grudge against the Panther (3-4, 2-4) for their fourth consecutive defeat. Book hit Skowronek for a 34-yard fight in Ireland’s first battle with Pitt – a game without a major injured Kenny Pickett in the second straight week – could not follow.

Skowronek, originally from Northwestern, has formed a close relationship with Book since arriving at school. He can see that the Book is offended after he acted ruthlessly against the Cardinals. The book responded by moving Jimmy Clausen and current director Tommy Rees to second place on the school career list (63) behind Brady Quinn (95).

“It paid off for him,” Skowronek said of the Book. “He had a hell of a game … he’s a hell of a player and he’s a winner.”

Who had the most support.

Notre Dame’s toughest line-up faced one of the best-performing teams in the country and once Book had time, he had no problem getting players to open the ring. The books were 19.5 yards in the final and often had to do more than just lift the ball and allow its players to do the rest. He joined Skowronek to score 73-yard yards in the second half, with 6-foot-3 Skowronek working hard as he jumped back 5-9 Pitt back to back Marquis Williams for the ball and then ran to the finish to make it 14-3.

Fighting in Ireland shattered any hope Pitt – who has a record in recent years of short-term murder – could have made it to the end of the second round. Linebacker’s first career Bo Bauer set up a two-man lead by Kyren Williams who pushed for 21-3 with 1:29 remaining in the first half. Pitt’s three games went nowhere and Iranian sophomore freedom fighter Isaiah Foskey ran uninvited to block Kirk Christodoulou’s competition. Foskey chased the ball to the end to pick it up to keep things out of the 28-3.

Pitt coach Pat Narduzzi called Notre Dame “the best team we’ve ever seen on the football field in six years.”

“I thought we were going to be fine,” Narduzzi said.

Not so much.

Joey Yellen who was the first to fight in the fight fought for his start in place of Pickett. Yellen, who played well after losing to Miami last week, completed just 10 of 21 passes in 107 yards and three innings before being drawn in the third quarter in place of Davis Beville. Beville only had one list left before Nick Patti came in fourth.


Notre Dame: The book used his legs when needed – he ran 40 yards before being released late in the third quarter and the game is near – he avoids mistakes. If they do it again on the road at Georgia Tech next week, the Clemson Game of the Year is over.

Pitt: The Panther entered October undefeated. They will be away with their first four losing games since 2007. The running game and the offensive line continue to be a problem, forcing the quarterback – everyone – to carry the load. Yellen may have had it on the way, but she still hasn’t been found.


The Irish people are not going anywhere if they catch Pitt easily.


Pitt’s idea to go back to the blue and blue plan commemorating a time when the program did well in the 1970s and 1980s was hailed when it was unveiled in 2019. . Considering how things turned out, perhaps Pitt’s seeming in the unknown is not a bad thing at all.


Notre Dame: goes to Georgia Tech next Saturday. The Irish people won their last meeting with the White Jackets 30-22 back in 2015.

Pitt: The Panthers will leave next week and head to Florida State on November 7th.

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