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FORT WORTH, Texas – American Airlines is developing innovative technology solutions to serve its customers.

Customer trips are easy with an electronic wallet, mobile ID and general helpers

  • Customers can earn and redeem travel credits on and will also get miles when they cancel AAdvantage® prize tickets.
  • The validity ID test starts at DFW airport and Washington DC this month.
  • By using this app, customers are able to interact with a customer representative in real time.

FORT WORTH, Texas – American Airlines is developing innovative technology solutions to serve its customers.

To make it easier to find traffic flow and resize miles

Customers can access their travel and travel credits by keeping an electronic wallet when logging into their AAdvantage® account at And when they are ready to book new trips, customers are able to pay for their tickets using their travel options by choosing a travel loan as their means of payment.

For customers whose plans have changed, they can make their own by changing the AAdvantage prize ticket on American will refund the mileage for the customer when the customer removes the correct ticket.

Testing for mobile ID authentication

Starting October 21, customers at Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) will have the opportunity to test the new ID technology, which verifies the identity of customers using their phone when they drop their wallet with the agent.

Customers who choose to participate in the trial are not required to provide an ID form to the agent as they do today. Instead, they are able to sign up for a third-party application that will create a digital ID on their phone that can be used to verify who they are at the bottom of the wallet.

The United States is working with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to investigate the validity of the ID, which could reduce temporary contact on the transport if it is not widely accepted in the future.

Phone ID testing will be available to customers at Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA) from October 27th.

Talk to our agents or customer representatives

An American social networking site launched this summer, in response to a number of interesting questions that customers face when traveling. In the American Airlines program, customers can use the chat service to ask the agent for help and if the interview requires more, the customer representative is ready to help in real time. Customers can also receive instant feedback on travel plans, how to change aircraft and how to manage how many bags.

Since the site was launched, more than 425,000 customers have used this method to contact American customer service representatives or representatives.

Pure Commitment

American continues to dedicate itself to the safety and security of its customers and team members throughout their journey. In addition to the clean, efficient routes of all the routes of the customer journey, the aircraft has also promoted the development of technologies that prevent interaction and give travelers more peace of mind.

The American program provides unparalleled information when storing and importing printed printer bags without the use of a kiosk cover. For customers who do not have the app but would like to remain unaffected, Americans unveiled the App Clip last month where customers can scan a QR code on the screen of the airport home that can trigger access to their phone and provide a digital ID card.

The airline recently launched a new pilot tool, operated by Sherpa, to help customers quickly see the coronavirus (COVID-19) routes for international and international travel.

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