New Pointers issued by the federal government for Worldwide Arrivals

In the wake of the Coronavirus epidemic in Europe, the Ministry of Health and Family Culture has issued new guidelines for International immigrants.

According to the new guidelines, travelers arriving in India should not be alone for 14 days after experiencing the adverse effects of Covid-19 which was taken 72 hours prior to arrival in India.

According to a letter released by the Ministry of Health and Family Health, “They must also provide home or other assistance to the Ministry of Civil Aviation, Govt. Of India, through airlines before they are allowed to travel to follow the advice of government officials to secure land. isolation for home / 14 days, or if necessary. ”

If a person wants to be free of charge, he or she can submit an online claim form or at least 72 hours before the trip and can choose as soon as he or she arrives at the airport and join the health counter.

Those who are unable to get tested for RT-PCR before departure and wish to apply for access to a home board may join the airport and be tested. Currently, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Cochin and the airport where they offer these tests

However, if a person arriving at the airport does not have RT-PCR test results within 72 hours of travel and does not choose to undergo RT-PCR testing at the airport, they should be admitted for seven days and seven days in isolation.

Although these new laws are enacted by the federal government, it is the federal government that can change those laws and impose further restrictions on the Exclusive Laws for immigrants.

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