New or up to date L.A. inns for the 2020 holidays

New travel? Living at home. Not really at home. Stay close to your home so you don’t have to worry about airports, unknown cities and – hopefully – the COVID-19 epidemic.

It’s called a living space, and that’s what you do when you get tired of your home and the food that comes out of your fridge. Fortunately, there is a simple answer. This year, Southern California has also seen a bonanza of new luxury hotels. You can escape reality for a night or two on these beautiful scenery. It is also a good place for them to make their family feel comfortable while on vacation.

“People are too tired to stay home,” said Nusrat Mirza, director of the glitzy JW Marriott Anaheim Resort, which opened on August 19. “They are looking for a good place to go.”

The venue could be one of the newest hotels in the area. You can be one of the first guests to stay in the room. In addition, I found a place for handicrafts, face masks and a variety of cleaning methods in all the new hotels. And, because population growth is low, social diversity comes naturally.

Another advantage: Room prices are low right now, so you can get more out of it.

Here are some examples of the new hotels.

Beautiful singing in Anaheim

JW Marriott Anaheim Resort opened in August, offering a spectacular view and bar on the roof.

(JW Marriott Anaheim Restaurants)

The JW Marriott Anaheim Resort, a state-of-the-art hotel overlooking Disneyland, has 444 rooms, making it one of the city’s largest hotels. Usually, underneath the boxes and the elevated reception area are filled with happy guests. Today, it’s – well – empty.

The World’s Most Beautiful Places have been closed, as have other attractions near the Anaheim Convention Center. But it is a combination of visitors during the epidemic. You do not have to worry about the crowds in the elevator or in the pool. As a bonus, Mirza has selected a hotel cleaning specialist and is “skilled at creating customer service by teaching co-workers how to smile with their eyes.”

The 11-story hotel is beautiful, with bright glass beams, 650 titanium butterflies, jazzy on the roof and living quarters where rosemary, basil and strawberries grow.

Details: 1775 S. Clementine St., Anaheim; (714) 294-7800. From $ 199 a night.

History and charm in San Juan Capistrano

Dining out on an olive tree at San Juan Capistrano's new Inn at the Mission Hotel

San Juan Capistrano is a new luxury home called the Inn at the Mission Hotel, which has olive trees.

(Marriott International)

The city in southern Orange County, with its brick-and-mortar houses, red roofs and historic buildings, has much to offer. Now, there is also a beautiful new hotel, the Inn at Mission, in the heart of the city. The three-story hotel, which opened on September 1, is adjacent to Mission San Juan Capistrano, the so-called “California gemstones.” In line with the town’s history, the building showcases California-style colonies, built with Spanish architecture and olive groves.

It is easy to get caught up in this charm, which attracts locals to its Ysidora restaurant, known as the 19th-century Capistrano matriarch. There is a ship to explore the ruins of the Great Stone Church and the most popular patio restaurant in Spain. (I loved tomato tobacco and pepper gazpacho.)

The hotel has 125 guest rooms for hacienda and three residence buildings, on 4 acres of ornate. A 2,500-square-foot facility will be opened next year.

Details: 31692 El Camino Real, San Juan Capistrano; (949) 503-5700. From $ 329 a night.

Find a wave at Hermosa Beach

Hotel room H20 Hermosa.

It’s the only place on the beach from H20 Hermosa.

(H20 Beautiful)

Want to go back with a sea vibe? H2O Hermosa, launched in October, could be a great way to escape the ocean. Hotel Dealer Restaurant Dealer Restaurant

The city is known for its excellent nightclubs as well as a variety of restaurants, all of which are close to H2O.

Coastal species are popular in this three-story building. It’s a simple place, without a pool, a restaurant or a scenic spot. But you can see a little bit of the Pacific from the balcony; on the roof roof and the big waves add to the atmosphere.

More: 1429 Hermosa Ave., Hermosa Beach; (888) 411-7780, From $ 199 per night.

Fast forward to West Los Angeles

A bartender mixes drinks at the Caravan Club, on the rooftop of the Hotel in June.

Hotel June is located near LAX and has tapas and tequilas on the roof, Caravan Club.

(Rosemary McClure)

Hotel June is an airport hotel with a difference. It’s off the road to LAX, which means you won’t see a lot of planes on top of it, and it’s a good place to lift the glass – and the roof, really.

The fun part of the hotel’s game is Its Motor Club, a high-end tequila – there are several types of small items to choose from – and eating oyster, fried fish or other Baja food. Although the hotel was only reopened in June, the Caravan Club, which overlooks the pool, has the following implications.

The luxury hotel has 250 rooms in the Midcentury Modern building. The rooms are clean with a minimalist design that is clean and fun. One problem: There is no transportation at the airport, so you have to reserve yourself. The drive takes about 10 minutes.

Details: 8639 Lincoln Blvd., Los Angeles; (888) 435-5070. From $ 140 a night.

Panoramic cityscape in Los Angeles

On the roof of Wayfarer in LA city

On the roof of Wayfarer in LA city

(Wonho Frank Lee)

Downtown has come a long way in the last few years. Now there is a hotel in a reconstructed downtown city with a rooftop dining room that gives guests an amazing view of the economy.

Rooftop, located below 12th of Wayfarer, is one of several beautiful, state-of-the-art courtyards at the 156-room hotel that opened in February.

Wayfarer is fun from the moment you enter the front door and find a fun place called Gaslighter Social Club. Sit in an expensive chair and read a book – there are 600 experts in them – or order food and drinks. The reception area is very high and fun, with beautiful paintings and beautiful decorations. The rooms are also very neat and tidy.

Additional features: The hotel is dog-friendly, offers four-bedroom apartments and is located near LA Live and Staples Center.

Details: 813 S. Flower St., Los Angeles; (213) 285-4400. From $ 120 a night.

British takeover to Beverly Hills

Terrace Restaurants in Maybourne Beverly Hills

Terrace Restaurants in Maybourne Beverly Hills offer California food and cocktails.

(Danielle Hamilton / Maybourne Beverly Hills)

Things didn’t change much before the Maybourne Beverly Hills – the former Montage – where I went the other day. There were two Lamborghinis, a Ferrari, a Porsche Carrera and a Bentley in the valet area. I was so happy that I parked my Subaru on the road.

I quickly noticed that the interior did not change much. The new owner, Maybourne Hotel Group, has arrived this fall and did not have time to change much. The Beverly Hills Hotel is the first of its kind in Britain, located in Berkeley in London, Connaught and Claridge.

Will Maybourne start speaking in Britain? No, they were told. The look will eventually be that of modern California, the foremost of the Scandinavian and California furniture and its design.

The lobby was rehabilitated and the Terrace, an outdoor restaurant opposite Beverly Cañon Gardens, has been reopened. They offer California-inspired food as well as cocktails. Dinner and supper include salads, pasta, seafood and meat. Weekly brunch has a delicious taste of mimosa.

Details: 225 N. Cañon Drive, Beverly Hills; (310) 860-7800. From $ 545 a night.

New dear old life

The well-known Century Plaza Hotel closed its doors more than four years ago, creating a $ 2 billion renovation plan. It was hoped that the renovated hotel would open in a year, but then the epidemic began.

“I’ve always said I like trouble,” said Philip Barnes, general manager of the hotel, now renamed Fairmont Century Plaza and is expected to reopen early in 2021.

More than a dozen hotels have opened in Southern California this year, but some, such as Century Plaza, have missed the last days.

Setting up a hotel can be a daunting task even in the best of circumstances. This year the manufacturers had to fight the virus that caused the shelters to die. With fewer people moving, the companies were more affected by their dismissal. More than half of U.S. apartments remain vacant in October, down from more than 30% from last year, according to an advertisement by the Statistics firm.

To reduce bleeding, many regular hotels were closed during the year; not all are reopened.

Some new hotels were delayed. In Orange County, Westin Anaheim Resort, which is due to open in October, is now working on the opening of March. And Pendry West Hollywood, which was set to collapse, is now set to launch in January.

The much-anticipated opening is the Century Plaza project, located in the center of a luxury hotel that has been providing leaders and rock stars for more than 50 years.

Built in 1966 I see it as a Midcentury technology, the façade of a 19-storey hotel is secure, but everything else is undergoing a major overhaul, including the number of rooms, from 726 to 400.

“In the past, it was considered the largest hotel in the world,” says Barnes, whose latest gig was the general manager at the Savoy Hotel in London. “It will reopen as a small, half-room hotel. The reception area is amazing, with low windows and ceilings; the rooms are very comfortable. ”

The project includes 63 dormitories and two 44-storey high-rise buildings as well as shopping malls, restaurants and living quarters.

The hotel has been closed for four years but the reopening took a long time, Barnes said. “It took about seven years to decide the place and the place. And the bullet had to remain because it was a safe house. ”

Completing this work during the COVID-19 era has been difficult. “The world is a very different place now than we thought it would open,” Barnes said.

Her hope: “Restoring Century Plaza is a spirit of warmth and welcome. I want people to feel like a home away from home.”

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