New Andaman Sea climate system to deliver heavy rain to southern TN | Chennai Information

Chennai: Less than a week after Hurricane Nivar crashed near Marakkanam in torrential rains, another season headed for the coast of TN.
Meteorologists say the lowlands have settled south of the Andaman Sea and are due to move south of Tamil Nadu as it grows heavily, bringing heavy rainfall from December 1. Extreme rainfall is expected in some areas south of TN, where they have documented errors so far from October 1 , while the northern regions, including Chennai, are more likely to receive heavy rainfall. In its letters, IMD said the lowest area settled in the southern Andaman coast as well as the surrounding areas east of the Bay of Bengal and east of the equatorial Indian Ocean on Saturday. “It is possible to move west-northwest and reach the southern coast of Tamil Nadu on December 2,” the council said.
Weather forecasters alone said the plan should cross the Gulf of Mannar and the Comorin Area before moving into the Arabian Sea. Weather forecasters will be able to withstand a strong storm on the Arabian Sea off the coast of India before traveling to Somalia or Oman.
IMD forecast “heavy rainfall in low rainfall areas south of Tamil Nadu and south of Kerala on December 2 and heavy rainfall area in the region on December 1 and 3. North of Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Mahe and Karaikal and northern Kerala, heavy rains in remote areas probably from December 1 to 3 ”.
On November 30, the Gulf of Mannar area can increase storms from 45-55kmph to 65 kmph and by December 1, it will be 65-75kmph extending to 85kmph and south of TN and 50-60kmph extending to 70kmph and heading north to the coast of Tamil Nadu , Puducherry and Kerala, Comorin region and Gulf of Mannar. By December 2, wind speeds can reach as high as 70-80kmph to 90kmph and pass south of Tamil Nadu and along the beaches of Kerala, the Comorin region and the Gulf of Mannar. North Tamil Nadu and Puducherry as well as the northern coast of Kerala can see winds moving 55-65kmph to 75kmph.
Blogger Pradeep John said Chennai was receiving a torrential downpour from a wind turbine linked to easterlies entering the country as it approaches the coast of Tamil Nadu and from surrounding cloud groups. “The southern, southwestern and delta regions, including Kanyakumari, Ramanathapuram and Tenkasi who have recorded errors so far this season, have received many challenges. Mountain areas can expect better winds. This will be full of rain, ”he said.
Meteorologists said the system could be greatly expanded if it were located near the TN coast as it would not be at sea for some time to absorb moisture and weather the storms. But global weather events such as the Madden-Julian Oscillation, the eastern turbulence of rain clouds, rain, wind and hurricane, which is now in the Indian Ocean region and warm sea temperatures are increasing the climate.
Despite the storms of the Nivar storm, Mahesh Palawat, a weather expert, Skymet Weather, said the sea temperature is 28 to 29 ° C. “But the system is moving fast and does not cost much to stabilize the sea. Every system needs to move. at least five or six days from the sea to collect moisture and stabilize the storm, “he said. In addition, climate research has shown that most of the climate coming from the Andaman Sea was exacerbated by hurricanes.
As the system draws to a close in Tamil Nadu, predictors say more machines could be developed in the same area south of the Andaman Sea by December 8 or 9. Meanwhile, global climates indicate that the system is likely to increase storm surges, which are smaller and smaller. strong, and is destined to relocate near Chennai or south of Andhra Pradesh. “In December, the system usually travels south of the Bay of Bengal and travels south, because the north of the Bay of Bengal is cooler, as the sun is in the south,” Palawat said.


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