Napa Bookmine’s Elayna Trucker, Your December in Books: Extra concepts for presents | Leisure

You might think the publishers are writing in December – customers are very busy and are worried about not hearing anything new coming! But sometimes he leaves us with a little less last to cover the year. The following books are good for you at the last minute, or for a relative whose gift has hindered you so far, or for those of your own making!

For a wine lover who has it all, “Taste Success: The Life and Vines of the World’s Favorite Sommelier” (Dis. 8) is the life story of Gerard Basset, OBE, one of the best known artists of recent years. Basset, who graduated shortly before he died of stomach cancer in January 2019, tells how high school dropouts were accepted as the Best Sommelier in the World at the age of 53. Basset launched the chain of Hotel du Vin, as well as Hotel TerraVina, and once had a Master of Wine qualification, Master Sommelier title, and an MBA in Wine Business, and he did it all out of love for wine.

For those of us who (curiously) love the Great Britain Baking Show, we have the “Great Britain Baking Show: Sweet Cooking” with loved ones (or those who are afraid) who take part in Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith (December 22). These recipes feature this year’s chefs, along with wild rainbow and raspberry raspberry bagels and delicious caramel eclairs. Including ideas from this season’s bakers on what’s inside the Chef’s Tent, is the reason they love to cook so much. If there is one good book in a year, that’s it!

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