Mysore now has Sandalwood Museum to teach individuals on its farming and advantages

One of Mysore’s most famous landmarks in Karnataka is its Sandalwood. The fragrance and health of Sandalwood from the southern Indian State attracts millions of people around the world and now one cannot simply see Sandalwood’s features and history and farming.

India’s first Sandalwood Museum has now opened in Aranya Bhavan, Mysore, Karnataka, and was recently inaugurated by the Prime Minister of Karnataka on November 25th.

The first museum, the Sandalwood Museum offers the most beautiful scents and scents for visitors. Reports also suggest he could move to the Mysore Palace area where one can see the Mysore Palace and explore the museum.

The Mysore Forest Reserve has set up its first Sandalwood Museum in its place and Karnataka Co-operation Minister ST Somashekhar said the forest department will soon relocate the museum under the Mysore Palace.

When you visit the archeology, one can learn more about Sandalwood where you can learn about its design, agriculture, colors, and much more. The establishment has confirmed the display of signs with information about the growth of Sandalwood and its support in disease prevention.

Training Sandalwood Farmers and Visitors

Deputy Conservator of Forests (DCF) KC Prashanth Kumar also said they have already completed 80% of the museum and Karnataka Prime Minister BS Yediyurappa has set up a museum on November 25.

There will be a special room, hall, projector, and living area for guests to learn more about Sandalwood Farming. “Visitors can also inform themselves about this through interviews with successful sandalwood growers who will be reviewed. Visitors will also be provided with information on the value of sandalwood,” said the Deputy Conservator of Forests (DCF).

The Department of Forestry is currently promoting Sandalwood Farming and through this facility, visitors and farmers can access more information and tips on Sandalwood farming.

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