Morecambe Bay e-book that includes former Queen’s Information to the Sands Cedric Robinson shortlisted for prime honour

‘Sands of Time,’ by journalist and author Lindsay Sutton, is in the third edition of the British Guild of Travel Writers’ “ Travel Book of the Year ”.

The book, published by Great Northern Books, was co-authored by a team of travel writers from Britain, America and Australia, who selected the last three and included them in numerous reference books.

The winner will be announced at the star-studded nightclub at the Savoy Hotel in West End in London next March (2021) with delegates from Cumbria and Lancashire and the North West expected to attend.

“/>Sands of Time was chosen as the highest honor.Sands of Time was chosen as the highest honor.

‘Sands of Time,’ which was published in the Covid-19 emergency crisis before suspending support operations this year, is looking at Morecambe Bay and surrounding areas through Cedric’s ideas and ideas. With openness of character, he tells them how he feels. Her thoughts are fearless, and she also shows her love, which is filled with jokes that are often bad.

Sands of Time ‘is working with what is burning today: –

* The effects of climate change are dramatically affecting the lake.

* How the process has changed since ‘Swinging Sixties.’

* Impact on wildlife, in and out of the water.

* Environmental threats and pollution, affecting the Bay and its coastline.

* Technology is all that matters, including what may happen in the future.

* Climate change in the area around the Bay, including Grange-over-Sands; River; Silverdale, including RSPB Leighton Moss; and Morecambe, in addition to the redesign of the town in recent years, and the ever-changing plans of Eden Project North at sea, overlooking the Bay.

The author is a former colleague of Cedric, as well as a volunteer assistant during the travel season between April and the end of August. She is a journalist and journalist at work, and has won three top awards for her work, including the American Travel Writer of the Year award from the US Travel Association.

Sutton says of the selected Sands of Time series: “We think judges can see that the book has a real meaning, as well as time and skill, through Cedric. Besides, she was the Queen for 55 years before handing it over to the superintendent. newly elected Michael Wilson, a Fisherman from Flookburgh, Cumbrian Bay.

“The judges seem to be interested in the fact that each year, more than 10,000 charities and hikers are routinely guided by shifting sand dunes and canals that span over 20 miles of Morecambe Bay.

“Those of us who help walk between Arnside and Kent Bank near Grange over Sands have been encouraged by Bay, and we hope this book has reached the judges. It is facing stiff competition, but it is a chance to make the final three. Stone assistants; as well as charities, who earn thousands of pounds from those in need.

As for Cedric, he came out of the sand as a ‘fisherman’ when he was only 14 years old, and even now he has a role and a support job as a ‘Sandman,’ he is still making progress at the age of 86. He has already been awarded an MBE, and now this. one more worthy of recognition than ‘Ced.’

* The two finalists are ‘Wayfaring Stranger: A Musical Journey in the American South’, author Emma John, and ‘Scotland Beyond the Bagpipes’ author Helen Ochyra.

‘Sands of Time’ published by Great Northern Books – Now available hardback with color images and images for $ 9.99.

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