Miles Taylor, a Former Homeland Safety Official, Reveals He Was ‘Nameless’

“Giving my comments meaninglessly forced the president to respond directly to their best interests or not, rather than just making a fuss by minor insults and insults,” Taylor wrote. “I wanted their conversation to be centered on just conversations. At that moment I asked, ‘What will he do when no one can fight him, just imagining?’ We received the answer. He became speechless. And the thoughts stood for themselves. ”

The publisher of the book, Sean Desmond of Twelve Books, said in a statement that the company was proud of the book, which he said “every day seems to be an obvious one.”

He added, “Miles Taylor has been involved in the printing industry and we support him and the political courage it took to tell his story.”

The publisher said Taylor had refused to accept the offer in advance, and promised to donate a large portion of the proceeds to nonprofit organizations, including the White House Correspondents’ Association, members of the press who spoke on the president.

The book topped the New York Times best-seller list for the week of December 8th.

Taylor joined Trump’s administration in 2017 as second to Nielsen’s chief of staff before being promoted in 2018. Previously, he served for two years on the House Homeland Security Committee, serving as Assistant Representative Michael McCaul, a Republican of Texas, who was the chairman of the committee at the time.

As one of Ms. Nielsen’s top advisers, Taylor was on the board of directors for the most controversial election in the first three years. Trump, in addition to the ban on travel from many Muslim countries, the idea of ​​separating foreign children from their parents at the border is an attempt to restore the survivors.

His role in the event sparked protests among employees at Google when the company announced the recruitment process. One petition called on Google to fire Taylor, saying he was “involved in helping Nielsen divide thousands of families.”

Taylor also witnessed a series of conflicts between Ms. Nielsen and Trump as the President sought to do more to prevent refugees from leaving the United States. Ms Nielsen’s refusal to give up some of Trump’s demands – including the closure of the border with Mexico and the shooting of illegal border crossings to reduce footage – eventually led to his dismissal.

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