Mid-Century Fashionable Scottsdale On Sale

There is something in Arizona that sparked a major American expedition in the 1950s. It is also a long desert road with nothing but beautiful scenery. Perhaps it is the symbol that Mid-Century Modernism made in government — its true form of cold Atomic.

The Green van is driving on Highway 163 in Monument Valley between Utah and Arizona in the light of day … [+] cloudy day. The car is moving.

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Other than that, the tour was taken care of in the era of Mad Men: a time when all the traffic, motels and railways were running smoothly.

Robert Plant’s video for Robert Plant’s song, “Big Log” brings the following pictures: a beautiful woman, a vintage car with tail fins, a gas station in the evening, a hotel pool with high-pitched voice and longing: something to want to travel Separators can dream .

This week, two hotels in Scottsdale, Arizona are putting their vibes on sale ahead of Thanksgiving.

Both The Hotel Valley Ho and The Mountain Shadows Resort allow travelers to spend two nights and relax for a third night through a joint venture with Benchmark Hospitality, another option with well-known travelers who prefer the sunset, the oil station in the evening. and in the middle of the night they swim in precious pools they will want to reserve.

The hotel evokes a moderate vibe.

Hotel Valley Ho, Scottsdale, AZ

Courtesy of Benchmark Properties (@igbridgham)

Hotel Valley Ho and Mountain Shadows Resort are gemstones from the era of Mid-Century Modernism. Hotel Valley Ho (whose logo produces tick lounges by Ray Ban Wayfarers) was built in 1956.

His place was that of John B. Mills, Robert Foehl and his wife Evelyn, the site, based in Scottsdale, was designed by architect Edward Varney in a series of works that soon attracted travelers from Hollywood, such as Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra. (Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner got married here.)

In 2002, the hotel was reintroduced to the modern Mid-Century birthright, and reopened in 2005 with new additions including VH Spa and OH Pool (mostly “Big Log”). The pool and spa are both open right now, but following the rules are Covid-19’s “pure”.

Hotel Valley Ho commemorates the growing days of the hipster and its mix with modern explosions.

Cold drink at a pool of water at Hotel Valley Ho

Courtesy of Hotel Valley Ho

The hotel rooms and the extra space of the hotel, The Tower, are anti-Mid-Century Modernism but not boldly. You will find the dames of the Eames, Knoll and Noguchi, but it is the light of modern colors and the tweaks that make these rooms stand out. Outside, the entire OH Pool is lime, yellow, and orange: ideal for Cabana-margarita.

The hotel restaurant, Zuzu, offers a tiki bar with some luxury items. Rosie’s room is open to the public in small groups that can use the space to be up to 6 feet away while still maintaining their living space in the middle of the Mid-Century mode.

Security comes with luxury in 2020

Zuzu c / o Zoo at Hotel Valley Ho, Scottsdale, AZ

Courtesy of Benchmark Properties (@ sip.eat.sleep.rhepeat)

Although The Hotel Valley Ho is a safe haven, there are no fines, nothing more. Near the resort is the Mountain Shadows Resort.

The hotel is a valuable feature of the Atomic Age, opened in 1959. It is located at the foot of the Camelback Mountain and has been cited as the shadows the mountain offers in the area. Like The Hotel Valley Ho, Mountain Shadows was also popular with Hollywood celebs back in the 1950s.

The Mountain Shadows Resort saw the first surprise of the early 1960s, and became a page for The Monkees TV show. It closed its doors in 2004, but came out, rebuilt and renovated in 2017 two years later.

Nowadays, travelers can create “distance and longing” in their lives by walking through water lakes (two water holes 75) or by eating at Hearth ’61, where the hotel started in the beginning.

The palm trees and the picturesque landscapes make this a very pleasant and enjoyable experience.

Mountain Shadows, Paradise Valley, AZ

Courtesy of Benchmark Properties (@som timeswyatt)

Mountain Shadows is a little more flexible than the one in Hotel Valley Ho, but a more sophisticated style. The feel is also reminiscent of the beauty of the Mid-Century Modern but is more modern than Ho’s.

All of this is a great place to explore Scottsdale and the region’s decorative landscape window: the 1950s when Robert Plant released it on MTV in the 1980’s.

VisitPhoenix has a modern centenary tour organized on its page. Areas of public housing and other exhibitions have since been located near Scottsdale.

Old City of Scottsdale

Old Town Scottsdale, the capital, has hundreds of shops, restaurants, run by cooks … [+] restaurants, bars and high energy clubs.

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Modern Mid-Century followers are also expected to travel to Taliesin West, the Arizona school of Frank Lloyd Wright to work on architecture. Following the initial closure of the epidemic, museums (no longer a functioning school) are now open for management and guidance. There is also a great Frank Lloyd Wright store. Also, visit the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art where one can see how the long street where the sixth century led.

Finally, go sign up for the Mid-Century Scorpion Bowl at Hula’s Modern Tiki, one of the places where Go to Scottsdale has its own map of Mid-Century Modern Road. Jumping out of the sweatpants, take out the little “Big Log” pieces on the right scales and enjoy the distance (public) and the fulfillment of style and material in Scottsdale.

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