Melbourne To Adelaide Highway Journey: The Greatest 4-Day Nice Ocean Highway Itinerary

As you drive south, you will pass the Great Ocean Road Memorial Arch, perhaps the most photographed spot on the road leading to the mountains. The monument is built as a tribute to World War I veterans and is a great place to stretch your legs.

Eat Food at Lorne

Alternatively, head to Lorne, a few minutes down the street and see the magnificent buildings, the local mall and Lorne Pier. I had lunch here at HAH Lorne Beach, a small beachfront coffee shop that specializes in dessert and rented boardboards, bikes and SUPs.

Hot tips: If you’ve been looking for koalas, the best place to find a guaranteed place is in the Kennett River!

Stay overnight in Lorne or Apollo Bay. I sat on the end. This will help you to get a little quick to go to the 12 Apostles the next morning.

There is a beautiful and unexpected Italian place called Casalingo Italian in Apollo Bay, which I would highly recommend for a meal.

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