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Sandra Phinney has been around a number of times. He is educated in school, works as a development worker, fishes, oversees government agencies, and farms.

Twenty years ago he re-introduced himself as a writer and, at the age of 75 (76 on November 9), is still working full time and trying to find out. In addition to writing hundreds of articles and magazines, Phinney authored four books, including Waking Up In My Own Backyard – Explorations in Southwest Nova Scotia. Although it was published two years ago, this book is about the joys of walking behind us, which seems to be more temporary than ever.

Apart from writing Phinney loves to teach. Provides conversational writing, travel notes and a memoir. He also enjoys the honor of being selected as an Artist In Residence at Joggins Fossil Cliffs for six weeks in 2021. This means that he will work in special writing on environmental and environmental issues at Joggins, as well as provide interviews and create community service programs.

In his spare time he takes pictures and pillars in the desert.

We asked Phinney to answer questions about her as our southwest part of the wire Hear Your Friend.

Q: What area do you live in today?

A: Canaan, Yarmouth County

Q: What is your favorite place in the world and why?

A: That is where I live in Canaan. We are in the middle of a forest on the Tusket River. Beauty and serenity are incomparable. We don’t have a TV so the outdoor display offers a lot of fun and they no longer last two days in a row. It’s a place that also helps me to become a boat rider.

Q: What would people be surprised to learn about you?

Answer: I know I have met a wonderful, very dependable person. That’s the mask. I am an intruder. Sometimes my self-esteem revolves around the bottom of the toilet. I like to be alone in the woods, rather than in a group. Also, it takes a lot of effort to find a blank page and start writing articles. It scares me.

Q: You promote home trips. Why do you think it is important for people to analyze their location?

Answer: We often think that “needs” are located in remote areas. I have come to realize that there are many “needs” in our eyes if we take the time to investigate. We don’t have to travel long distances to discover new and exciting things and interact with interesting people to meet. It also relates to my belief in the need to support all things locally.

Q: What are your favorite places behind your back?

Answer: More! Le Petit Bois (outer line) behind the church in Church Point. Birchdale (ancient fishing / fishing site across North Kemptville). Tusket Islands (there is a delicious Air bnb on Big Tusket). Bartlett Beach in Port Maitland (usually everyone there). Storms around the storm at Pubnico (a beautiful coastal area). Mountain View Cemetery.

Q: Can you describe what affected your life?

Answer: After Donna Cain and I sold the Music Village (Yarmouth music store) in 1981, I took a home schooling night gardening course. One night there were pictures of raspberry fields. The next day I called for 2000 staffs and told my husband Barrie that I would become a farmer. I did not know the meaning of pH, or how to use the tractor. Later we had a great raspberry U-Pick and, over time, we added eight acres of vegetables that we sold at the venues, shops and restaurants, and the Farmer Barrie Market started in Yarmouth. I learned a lot about myself. I also learned to respect the soil and the importance of knowing where our food came from. Although I have worked hard for many years, being a farmer has always been my passion.

Q: What is your favorite video and / or book?

A: I loved the video / doc ‘Hunting Sugarman’ so much I ordered a copy and have seen it several times. It’s about 70 singer Rodrigues who lives in Detroit and writes two albums. Although he goes to the US, he is becoming very popular in South Africa. However, Rodrigues did not know this until many years later two fans realized what had happened and why. It is a difficult and encouraging story.

Q: What three people would be with you at your dream party?

A: Singer, Rodrigez (mentioned above); poet Alden Nowlan; and naturalist Richard St. Barbe Baker.

Q: What is your most important asset?

A: It is a small pine branch about 1 inch by 8 inches. They usually sit at my desk or bring me in my computer bag when I am on the road. It has strange scars made by the pine beetle – a work of art. Worms are called ‘engravers’ and make ‘many’. I have been very interested in finding this and having several branches of different colors. To me it represents the hidden gems of life, which are found not only in nature, but also in friendship, memories, history, culture, traditions – you name it. These paintings remind me of what the poet Mary Oliver calls “the supernatural beings found in celestial traditions.” I’m still trying to wrap my head around here!

Q: What is the happiest time of your life?

A: After 40 years of marriage, Barrie and I renewed our wedding vows two years ago at White Point Lodge, along with nine other couples. There was an explosion. I found a wedding ring (for the first time). Later that evening there was a special dance organized by the band, and one time a DJ played the song ‘If,’ which Barrie’s brother sang at our wedding earlier in ’78. Dancing that song 40 years later was a real joy.

Q: Can you name anything on your bucket list that you expect someday?

A: Go to The Tenors concert.

Q: What is the best color and what is your problem?

A: I think I have a big heart and a hug. The worst behavior? I’m not sure I care enough to throw him in public. But one of my mistakes is procrastination. It is known that I make congestion, wash cabinets, and even iron (which I dislike) rather than just start a conversation, send invoices or clean my office.

Q: What do you like most about living in this region?

A: I like the rural part of living here. I think people care about their business (mostly), but if you want help people get out. I love that we have rivers, lakes and lakes in our home as well as forests. I also admire the volunteers who work hard behind every kind of event, providing programs, services and events that make our communities and cities happy.

Q: How comfortable do you like to be?

A: Riding. Every time I put my boat in the boat I rest immediately. Walking alone in the forest also helps me.

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