Meet Linda on the Run, the 67-year-old influencer touring the world

  • Linda Malys Yore was 65 years old when she started writing travel blogs.
  • More than two years later, she has 53,000 followers on her “Linda on the Run” account on Instagram.
  • Malys Yore told Insider that he traveled as a child, and spent a lot of time crossing the US and Canada in an RV with his family.
  • Now, she is traveling around the world and posting everything on her website and Instagram, urging people not to let life go through them, and making travel a part of their lives at any age.
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Linda Malys Yore says she has a library book at home where she can use Instagram. And yet, he has a successful account with 53,400 followers.

At 67 years old, Malys Yore is not one of the most frequent walkers. But with the reddish lips and the brightest pink lips in the platinum blonde bob, she is no longer 67 years old.

Malys Yore says he has been walking all his life. He describes his parents as “Disappointed Children” who worked hard to make sure their four children lived a good life. One of these is that they insist on going to family vacations every year to achieve their goals. Malys Yore says this made him a successful candidate.

Linda runs

Malys Yore never walks without a red signature.

Linda runs

“My father always taught me that you never get a second chance in life. I just made a promise to myself at death, I don’t want to regret it,” he said.

Malys Yore said she married in 1988, and quit her job as a nurse to become a full-time mother to her two daughters. Since their husbands at the time were working in the medical business but were self-employed, Malys Yore said they could work anywhere – they did.

He bought an RV and did not look back

Malys Yore said she taught her daughters “from birth until they graduated from high school” during a six-month tour of Canada and the US, and all the while outside Tampa, Florida, her hometown. Malys Yore believes that this is how her children learned tolerance, American history, and mobility.

He himself says that he learned how important things are, and how to have less. “You learn that you don’t need everything you think you want. You learn to have less and appreciate it more,” he said. “It’s a great blessing. That was a great, fun way.”

That life came to a standstill in 2014, when Malys Yore and her husband divorced after 26 years of marriage

But one of her daughters always knew that the life of Malys Yore, married or not, was special enough to help her stay faithful.

At first, however, Malys Yore was not interested.

Linda runs

His daughter’s boyfriend is a good photographer, and he took this picture.

Linda runs

“My daughter Victoria, who uses the Follow Me Away website, would say, ‘Mummy, you’re such a wonderful person. You live a very happy life. There aren’t many retired bloggers, and I think you might like this,’ ‘I added. and I wasn’t interested because I didn’t know the group for this, “said Malys Yore.

However, at Christmas 2017, Malys Yore said Victoria gave her a web page and all the communication channels, which gave her the opportunity to sign up for “Linda on the Run”

Malys Yore was 65 when he started writing about travel and says his biggest problem was just art

“I knew a lot about email and Facebook. It’s all technical. I had to learn everything from then on,” he said, adding that taking good photos is even harder at first.

As for finding followers, according to him, it took “dedication and perseverance.”

Hard work has been rewarding though, as Malys Yore now has 53,000 followers, and has worked from Ray-Ban to Waldorf Astoria

“Representing the name I want to look up to my followers is a big responsibility that I take seriously,” he said. “I don’t think people understand everything that makes people successful.”

In 2019 alone, Malys Yore is said to have traveled to ten countries over three trips. He is very fond of Russia, where he spent 13 days traveling from St. Petersburg. Petersburg to Moscow.

“Their history was amazing, their food was amazing, their people were warm and friendly, it was not what I expected,” he said of Russia.

Malys Yore is an electrician – but she likes to carry Instagram clothes, and says she can’t walk without a red sign.

Linda runs

Malys Yore carries clothes depending on where she is going.

Linda runs

When she says she’s a “very fond of hand washing clothes in the sink or bath,” you can’t imagine this from her Instagram account, in which she is seen wearing bright and revealing clothes that seem to fit well with the surroundings.

“I choose my clothes based on where I’m going. When I go on a Mediterranean voyage, I take light, beautiful clothes that can match the color,” he said, adding that often, if you look outside the picture, you’ll find handkerchiefs, hats, and loose ends fast for a good shot.

The traveling blogger claims to have found a cheaper alternative, and he believes that others can

This could include eating less or getting a smaller manicure to save money, or flying on a connected plane and switching, but Malys Yore says it’s worth it.

He also said he would like to reserve Airbnbs with a kitchen to save money for breakfast and other lunches. Not only does this save money, but it is also healthy, which Malys Yore says affects her when she goes on a vegetarian diet.

Above all, Malys Yore just wants to inspire his followers

Linda runs

He hopes to encourage his followers to take advantage of the moment.

Linda runs

“I see it as an opportunity and a blessing to be involved and to get people to follow my ideas,” he said. “I’m trying to teach people the things my father taught me: Life is short, and you have to use the moment. Don’t wait until retirement. Don’t wait for a good day. Don’t wait:

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