Mauritius launched the brand new Mauritius Now marketing campaign

On October 27, the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority (MTPA) announced the launch of the Mauritius Now campaign aimed at promoting tourism in Mauritius.

Establishment, expansion, and establishment as a result of public-private partnerships as a campaign has been announced to restore the image of Mauritius as a coronavirus tourist destination and the island is now open to foreign tourists where the government has agreed to allow tourists to travel slowly. ‘ono.

If you know the story, then Mauritius was affected by the Japan Ship Oil Spill which was the largest. And the Island is now promoting tourism in various markets and restoring its image and reality after this tragic event.

The Mauritius Campaign now preserves the concept of ‘Seeing the Faith’ as the campaign uses visual aids to remind the world that the islands are still popular tourist attractions with white valleys, lush green leaves, and hospitality.

Using the dedicated Mauritius Now program now available live shows via live videos, e-newsletters, blogs, and many more through social media. In addition, the site will feature live video footage from well-located websites that showcase coastal food and wetlands on the island in real time.

In addition, the site will feature interesting and spectacular drone exhibits shot across various parts of the island and help restore the fact that Mauritius is one of the hottest and most visited destinations for tourists.

Several videos show the Mauritian people in their daily activities showing that our island is a safe haven and the site includes reports and activities underway to renovate the southeast of the island.

You can see this page and see the site witnessing beautiful islands in real time.

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