Mannequin and Blogger Elvira Engel about her life in Monaco, travel, magnificence secrets and techniques and recognition on social media

We can see a lot of great bloggers and filmmakers, but what makes beautiful, incredible images. We decided to ask one of the best Instagram bloggers and bloggers Elvira Engel (@_elviravi), to tell more about her life behind Instagram.

About living in Monaco

Monaco is a good place to live. First of all, it is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Again, throughout the year the weather is amazing. Just as in winter it is sunny and not cold. And last but not least, the best place to live.

About entertainment in Monaco

Monaco hosts international events such as the Grand Prix Monte-Carlo, tennis games, Yacht shows and music festivals. You will always find something to do here. There are plenty of restaurants and fashion boutiques. You can spend the day on a yacht, or you can have fun at the beach, relaxing at the spa or pool. There are many beautiful restaurants with good food for lunch or dinner. We also have the world-famous Casino Monte Carlo. Even if you are not a gambler, I would encourage you to visit this beautiful, old house and try your luck. If you love nightlife, there are good clubs and bars here. So trust me, you won’t get tired!

About another favorite place

Every winter I go to Asia for at least a month, to visit new places and to visit the ones I already love. This is often a trip that I really enjoy. As you arrive in Asia, you are not only looking at a new continent, country or city, but exploring a new culture, very different from the western part of the world. I love to start my journey from China, Hong-Kong and from there to other beautiful places, which Asia is very rich in. One of my favorites is: Bali, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

Speaking of my favorite places in Europe, I would recommend visiting Capri. It is an island that has stolen my heart. This is a place I like to visit over and over again. It is a beautiful and loving island. Enough for families, as well as friends and relatives. The island has its own shape and charm that I would not compare to any other place. It is impossible not to fall for it.

About languages

I always like foreign languages. I totally agree with the saying “When you learn a new language, you learn new ideas and a new culture”.

As a child, I could speak Russian, Dutch, and English. These are the languages, which I grew up with. After learning French. In my mind it is one of the most beautiful languages, the true “love language”. Next on my list will be German.

For the first thing in the Instagram blog

I started my Instagram account just to connect with my friends, but once again people all over the world started following me. I have never done anything special, I just post new photos. Now I receive a lot of messages from girls all over the world, asking me about my beautiful secrets, my style and just asking me to tell more about myself and my life. I am always happy to respond and offer helpful advice. There are so many bloggers out there who love to share their whole life and everything down to the ground. But I am a person who loves to bring happiness and beauty to my page and keep my life to myself.

About beautiful women

All women are beautiful. I believe there are no beauty standards. This is something that is constantly changing. If we look at art from hundreds of years ago, we will see very different standards of living again. In my opinion a beautiful woman is a beautiful living woman, with a heart and mind. Any external beauty will pass through the years, but our inner beauty will be with us forever. For me, a beautiful woman is not a group of external things, but especially the beauty that comes from within.

About beautiful secrets

I cannot say, that there is a beautiful wisdom that has changed my life. But I truly believe “We are what we eat”. I love a healthy diet and have been eating vegetables for most of my life. I believe that a healthy lifestyle affects our skin and our overall aging. Obviously, like any woman, I love makeup and I love to polish myself at a cosmetologist. But even a makeup artist can tell me that outward beauty starts with a healthy body. Since I do not like injections, I soon began to exercise, and I can already see the effects. I love preventing aging by doing as much as I can with exercise, skin care and living a healthy lifestyle.

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