Making a Residence within the Swedish Hinterlands

They tell me that there is no house in Laxsjo at the moment (the house they live in was already married), but if there is, the prices are very good. A nearby house, an area of ​​1,000 square feet, was sold for $ 17,000 in dishonesty five years ago. The largest house in the village, a large one, two-story area of ​​4,300 square meters, cost $ 100,000. However, he says it is important to see everyone moving here who has no other relationship with the place.

From Laxsjo I continued north, a six-hour drive to Norrbotten, the northernmost and largest region of Sweden (about the size of Austria). Winter-winter meant the melting of ice and snow. This made for a pleasant ride, especially when one of the hundreds of wooden trucks pumped the car into the hair and made it a little darker. The best places to drive were on narrow streets, where I did not see another car or person for miles. The air looked like the purest, cleanest air in the world. At one point, there was a small, quiet village that did not cross the river. The full moon rose above the mountain trees, as the setting sun began to cast the sky in pink and soft pink. The black rapper, or capercaillie, one of the largest birds in the area, soared on the road and reached the top of a tree.

Pitea is an industrial town with a population of about 25,000 on the coast of Norrbotten. It is an industrial town, and the road is lined with freight trains loaded with logs, industrial fences, and round-trip cars. The paper mill is very dominant. In many ways it is a northern Swedish city, dry and strong and sharp in winter. And spending a lot of time here brings surprises. In small towns the new hotel Kust looks like something else in the big city and has a well-known restaurant and a rooftop terrace. Pitea is home to the well-known Academy of Music. The neighboring Studio Acusticum Concert Hall is best known for its high-end members, built at a cost of more than $ 5 million. It has a chamber orchestra and an opera house.

Johanna Brandstrom grew up in Pitea but moved to Stockholm with many of her friends after graduation. It was when she had children that she began to think about going back. He later bought a 2,700-foot-tall house in a small, wooden frame painted in Sweden’s “Falun red”, for about $ 150,000. In Stockholm you may find it difficult to find a rented apartment in an uncomfortable place at a price.

Standing up in her charming, open kitchen, Mrs. Brandstrom, a former barber but now studying digital marketing at a school in Pitea, said while life is good here, people need to know the darkness. “I think you might be scared when you come here,” he said with a smile.

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