Luxurious Staycation Expertise at Conrad Bengaluru

Conrad Bengaluru is one of the most uplifting and exciting hotels I wish to stay. Located in the central region of Bengaluru near MG Road, Conrad Bengaluru is one of the best places for foreign tourists to live and have the opportunity to stay here.

During the difficult Covid-19 epidemic, I had the opportunity to stay at one of the hotels I was on my list to stay in and immediately took the opportunity and waited for D-Day to arrive with all my plans to stay here and head to Conrad for a stay.

I left my house to get to the scene and was shown at the door where the body temperature was taken through an infrared thermometer and inserted. The goods were cleaned and we were given a decoction to clean, collect more, and monitor the aarogya setu program. Upon entering we entered the hotel. The site has an unconnected access point where everything is digital.

Half an hour we received a Tea / Coffee in the Caraway Kitchen and were told about the restaurant. And at lunchtime, we were served Dinner in the Caraway Kitchen and had the opportunity to witness the War of Recipes.

After lunch and dinner, we met Mother and Aunt and Executive Chef Praveen Shetty who introduced us to the safety and hygiene of the area. From washing the leaves to the utensils, from drying dishes to spoons / forks / forks, the hotel does not allow the spread of disease. Praveen Shetty let us know how the hotel has been trying to maintain cleanliness since the plague began.

After a chat with Praveen Shetty, it was a break and from 19:30 onwards there was a restaurant and music in Tiamo which is a home and restaurant in Conrad Bengaluru. After a night out, I returned to my 2 day room and stayed in Conrad Bengaluru.

Day 2 started early and the first thing was something I found as a new love like, exercise. The exercise session was perfect with the instructor at the gym and it was time for a healthy breakfast from the Caraway Kitchen and it was yummy and it was clean and healthy. After breakfast, I had a one-hour break and during the break, it was lunch time at the Caraway Kitchen that I tried the first day and I was happy to try it today.

Shortly after lunch which satisfied me, it was a relaxing time when I was informed that the hotel team would be showcasing a new menu at Mikusu which is a home restaurant in Conrad. At about 19:30 hrs I went to Mikusu and saw the magic of food being prepared and I was given a list of new choices at the restaurant. We kept the new list and headed back to the hotel room on day 3 and spent the last day in Conrad.

My last day at Conrad Bengaluru started in the Caraway Kitchen where I was served breakfast and it was time for a demonstration at the hotel where we were given a reception area, a party, a big ball room, a small room, restaurants like Mikusu, Tiamo, Infinity pool, gym, and Spa. Both sites follow the 19 security measures put in place by the government. Employees and visitors who are frequently asked about their belongings, things to do, things to follow, and many more assured me that Conrad is a good place to live when things start to open up.

Soon, in a nutshell, we were given lunch and we were given the last party so I stayed in Conrad Bengaluru.

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