Lonely Planet ranks final travel locations in new checklist | Travel

Most of us are forced to reconsider our travel plans after COVID-19, but if you are calming your vacation by predicting the future, Lonely Planet’s “Ultimate Travel List” may be just what you want.

Lonely Planet has just released the second edition of the table “Ultimate Travel List”, which is among the top 500 travel destinations in the world.

This new series, compiled by a team of Lonely Planet experts, is a must-see and must-see, from wildlife on the Galapagos Islands to admiring the beautiful waterfalls of Iguazú Falls between Argentina and Brazil, to the beautiful Yellowstone landscapes National Park.

The team reviewed Lonely Planet’s manuals and reviewed any commitments along the way.

“Travel options are limited at the moment, but this list aims to inspire 2021 and beyond as travel begins again,” Tom Hall, vice president of Lonely Planet, told CNN Travel.

“This is aimed at something that drives the bucket list of people, not just now, but also in the future.”

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