Lonely Planet Broadcasts 2nd Version Of Bestselling Final Travel Listing Ebook — And U.S. Locations and Experiences Rank Excessive

NEW YORK, October 7, 2020 / PRNewswire / – Twenty-nine of the best experiences in the world are underway United States, according to Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel List global tour operators released today.

Lonely Planet’s Final Draft List is the second best-selling coffee table book. It is a sure list of the 500 most exciting, memorable and exciting journeys in the world – skillfully read.

“We all have a list of places we want to see for ourselves: a place where friends encourage us, a place we read about, we dreamed of. This is our list,” says Lonely Planet.

The second type adds more than 200 new sites. According to Lonely Planet, the experience is where they go with “a mix of new opportunities, visuals that have made their game, or a place more relevant to the way we go now.”

“We also changed the way we read the list,” says Lonely Planet’s VP for Publishing Piers Pickard. “In this publication, we have provided additional locations for our destination and attractions that are carefully monitored for tourism.”

Top 10 events on Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel List second edition by…

  1. Petra, Jordan – Connect with your inner lover and explore in depth the “lost city”
  2. The Galápagos Islands – See the islands that revolutionized science.
  3. Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Australia – Take life lessons from the ones that contain the hardest rocks in the world.
  4. Okavango Delta, Botswana – Identify the minimum movement in flooding ecosystems.
  5. Yellowstone Forest, USA – Blow up geys and grizzlies in the world’s largest tropical and subtropical region.
  6. Out of the Sea, Slovenia, PA – Imitate ancient travelers to the world’s most beautiful seas.
  7. Iguazu Falls, ArgentinaBrazil – Do not be surprised by the amazing energy and supernatural power of these creatures.
  8. Angkor Temple, Cambodia – Get nirvana on a Hindu-inspired pillar.
  9. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia – With clouds in the sky and clouds on the ground, start the salt of the earth.
  10. Annapurna Region, Nepal – Take an old Nepalese tea tour.

There’s an outdoor view of the Lonely Planet series, where there are nine National Parks – and three are falling within the top 20; Yellowstone Forest (# 5), Grand Canyon Mountain (# 13) and Yosemite National Park (# 20). Also on the list are cultural and artistic attractions including the latest US entry on the list: National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, DC Lonely Planet also registers The Metropolitan Museum of Art, National September 11 Memorial & Museum, Art Institute Chicago and the Museum of Mississippi Civil Rights Museum among the world cultures to do.

The complete overview of the best US locations on the Lonely Planet list is as follows (these are bold and new locations):

Yellowstone National Park (# 5)

Taos Pueblo (# 233)

Grand Canyon Mountain (# 13)

Line, Las Vegas (# 236)

Yosemite Nature Reserve (# 20

National Mall (# 287)

Redwood National and State Parks (# 49)

Metropolitan Museum of Art (# 295)

Gold Bridge Gate (# 60)

National Sept. 11 Memorial & Museum (# 316)

Monument Valley (# 64)

Pike Location (# 343)

Volcano (# 75)

Independence National Historic Park (# 376)

African American History &

Image of Liberty & Staten Island (# 387)

Culture (# 105)

Acadia Mountain (# 393)

Chidambara (# 121)

Chicago Art Institute (# 407)

French Region, New Orleans, (# 138)

Walt Disney World (# 410)

Valley of Death (# 149)

Mississippi Civil Rights Museum (# 418)

Wizarding The World of Harry Potter (# 188)

Griffith show (# 420)

Kingdom Hall (# 200)

Cape Cod South Sea (# 430)

Green Table (# 220)

Extras (# 481)

How did Lonely Planet write the 500 best places in the world?
The long list was compiled from all the major features found in each Lonely Planet book over the years. The appeal and visuals that any Lonely Planet writers promote are included, before being hit on the list. Everyone in the Lonely Planet area was asked to vote on their experiences on their high-profile journey. With hundreds of votes, we scored on each entry with a definite list of 500 places to see around the world.

Have you ever considered a site that carefully monitors tourism?
In scoring, Lonely Planet used the Sustainable Destinations Top 100 list and checked out the location or destination. If it became known at the meeting, the nominee received bonus points. In addition, Lonely Planet has a list of available destinations and available locations and each place on the list was deducted a percentage.

“After seven months of living at home, this is a good time to start thinking about how to travel once I get back,” Pickard said. “Putting this book together, we were delighted with all the changes ‘where’ and ‘how’. We added 200 new entries to our Top 500 list worldwide. And we were all amazed and encouraged by the amount of Top 500 working hard to create a lasting guest experience.”

In addition, Lonely Planet gives users of its Lonely Planet Software applications access to over 100 locations available on Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel List. Lonely Planet Guides is available for download on iOS and Android. More information can be found at www.lonelyplanet.com/guides.

The Final Series of Lonely Planet 2nd Ed
October 2020 | $ 24.99

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