Local author writes a prayer guide for millinnial parents


Niceville-based Lisa Blady recently released her first book Sons and Daughters Emerging, A Prayer Strategy for Millennial Parents.

Blady wants the book to be easy for expectant mothers.

“They get pregnant, every week from the time the mother is pregnant until the 40 weeks you are giving birth we cover every organ as it grows,” Blady said.

The idea of ​​writing this book began when Blady spent a lot of time with God.

“I was going through my house and my son and his wife were pregnant with their first child,” Blady said. “And the Holy Spirit stopped me and said,” Lisa, why don’t you pray for this baby? I said I don’t know. I never thought of praying for a baby in the womb. “

Blady says that within a few seconds more and more information was being downloaded to his brain.

“How did I think if you prayed the organ would start? Then that sickness or disease or sinful habit will have no chance of becoming another in the future,” Blady said.

What makes this book different from other mid-term books is the combination of science and prayer and scripture.

“What I’ve done is take it as a matter of how old the child is, what’s going on inside the child’s body and there’s a prayer that drives the parent,” Blady said. “Every time I talk about prayer, there’s a verse that follows.”

At the end of each prayer there are five questions. Some are interesting and some are interesting.

Blady took the time to write the book.

“It took maybe 2 1/2 to 3 years, mostly because I was waiting,” Blady said. “I knew this book would have time for her to give birth.”

Blady is not represented by this book. He has a lot of ideas coming out.

“I have another book that I want to work for brothers and sisters,” Blady said. “That’s why her brother could see that this was what was going on in the mother’s womb. That’s why he could see the growth of beans and the growth of flour and so on.”

But in the meantime, she hopes the book has inspired and empowered the young women they may have.

“One of the scriptures in this book is Psalm 102: 18,” said Blady. “It says this should be written for the unborn to praise the Lord … and I just love it. And we are praying for the next generation before they get here because I believe God is bringing forth His sons and daughters at a time like this.”

If you are interested in this book or just want to learn more, log on to sonsanddaughtersemerging.com. This book is available at amazon.com.

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