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Platinum Card® from American Express is one of Forbes Advisor’s favorite cards. But, with a fine of $ 550 per year (see prices and fees), cardholders will need to take advantage of a number of card advantages to prove they have the card. Whether you are a new Cardmember or have had a Platinum Card for many years, let’s take a look at the benefits of the card and show you how to use it.

Before you start, it is important to note that these features are only available to beginners cardmember. Authorized users have the opportunity to get some of these benefits. This article will explain who they are.

Find Notes on Fun Phone Phones

As you can see below, many of the best things about the Platinum Card are about travel. In order to prevent cardholders from exercising these rights during the COVID-19 epidemic, American Express added a small amount of value to the Platinum Card and many other travel-checking cards.

Now through December 31, 2020, cardholders can receive up to $ 40 per month in eligible terms to pay for two types of earnings on their Platin Card.

Cardmember will reach up to $ 20 on the monthly payment using their Platin Card to pay when opting for a US move. In addition, cardholders will receive up to $ 20 in monthly fees upon using their Platin Card to pay for wireless calls from US suppliers.

Choose Your Suitable Flight (Carefully)

The Platinum Card from American Express offers up to $ 200 per year on airline fees. However, you can take advantage of this feature on a travel trip of your choice in advance. Once you make a decision, you stay on the plane for a whole year. You need to think carefully about which flight to choose.

For those with new cards, there is no deadline to choose a flight. You can wait until you have enough money before choosing a flight. Holders of flexible cards change the correct flight schedule once each year in January.

You can choose your preferred flight online or dial the number on the back of your card. Once you make your selection, the ability to choose another aircraft disappears and the choice of your aircraft is given on the card benefits page.

Since the Platinum Card is for US customers, eligible flights are for all US airlines:

  • Alaska Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Delta Air page
  • Alendo Airlines
  • Hawaiian flights
  • JetBlue aircraft
  • Airlines
  • Southwest Airlines
  • United Airlines

Connect your Platinum Card to your Uber Account

One of Platinum Card’s key benefits from American Express is the $ 15 monthly Uber loan, and the $ 20 bonus in December. If you use it properly, this benefit alone can give you $ 200 a year.

Before you can use your Uber account, you must connect your American Express card to your Uber account. Doing this is easy. Just open the Uber app, click the menu, select Wallet and insert your Platin Card as a payment method. Or, you can add your Platin Card to your Uber Wallet online.

Note that loans are sent at the beginning of the month and expire on the last day of the month. You need to use your history every month to make the most of this opportunity.

With the ongoing coronavirus epidemic, most of us are not riding Uber. The good news is that this Uber loan can be used to bring food — or carry – through Uber Eats.

Ask for Your Marriott Bonvoy Gold Elite

Platinum card holders can be acclaimed by a handful of travel agents. One of these is Marriott Bonvoy. When you sign up, your Marriott Bonvoy account will be upgraded to become Gold Elite — if you don’t have a high chance.

To register, go to the Marriott Bonvoy Gold Elite benefit page and give us more information about your Marriott Bonvoy account. American Express will work with Marriott to link your accounts and increase your chances.

The role of Marriott Gold Elite is usually accepted after a full 25 nights at the Marriott site. Gold Elite members receive 25% bonuses, room upgrades, bonus receptions and 2pm late (depending on availability).

This is one of the best benefits available to legitimate users. “Extraordinary Members” – as they are called Amex – can log into their Amex account and register for this benefit.

Score Hilton Honors Gold Choice Coalition

Cardmembers also take the opportunity to become gold medals with the Hilton Honors on registration. To claim this benefit, go to the Hilton Honors Gold benefit page and register with your Hilton Honors account.

Despite having a similar name, the role of Hilton Gold is more important than the role of Marriott Gold Elite. For those who earn up to 40 nights a year, the Hilton Gold title gives members an 80% bonus on accommodation, room upgrades, international breakfast and a free winter night.

As with the Marriott nominees, this benefit is also available to registered users and primary care cardmember managers.

Enter the Shop With Saks

Platinum cardholders can earn up to $ 100 a year on Saks Fifth Avenue. Cardmember has reached $ 50 for purchases made from January to June and another $ 50 ticket for purchases from July to December.

However, like most other benefits, you must register before you can receive this benefit. To do this, simply go to the Shop Saks profit page and click register.

Purchases made by authorized users on Saks Fifth Avenue are eligible for a license. But only $ 50 is available half the year for the entire Platinum account. Authorized users do not get their $ 50 credit.

Subscribe to Advanced Membership

Another major benefit of The Platinum Card is the American Express Global Lounge Collection — seats at 500 airports in 130 countries.

Many of these loungers are available through Priority Pass Select membership. In case you never know, Priority Pass is an airport terminal with over 1,300 destinations in airports around the world.

Please note that Priority Pass membership obtained through the American Express Platinum Card does not include access to Priority Pass restaurants.

To access this benefit, you must register on the American Express Global Lounge Collection support page. Upon registration, you will receive a Priority Pass Select card and a membership package within 10 to 14 working days. You will need this membership card to obtain lounges – or to register a digital card in the Priority Pass program. Therefore, you should register for this opportunity a few weeks at your next visit.

In addition to Pass Priority, The American Express Global Lounge Collection also includes access to Amex’s Centurion Lounges and International American Express Lounges as well as Airspace, Plaza Premium and Escape Lounges. You will also have the opportunity to enter the Delta SkyClub lounges while flying on Delta flights. To obtain these lounges, simply provide your Platin Card, a government-issued ID and a one-day ticket at home.

Photo credit: J. Genter

Even better, you can bring two of your roommates with you. However, the availability requirements are different for social networking sites, so it is important to review the details of The American Express Global Lounge Collection page.

Use Global Login or TSA PreCheck Terms

Another significant benefit of the Platinum Card trip is reimbursed for a Global or TSA PreCheck fee. Once you sign up for any program, just pay your bills to your Platinum and Amex will refund you the payment by mail within 8 weeks.

You can get a $ 100 license at the Global Entry level every four years or you can get a $ 85 ticket for a TSA PreCheck test every 4.5 years. Considering that Global Access includes the benefits of TSA PreCheck, it is best to join Global. Other than that, you don’t have to pay a $ 15 difference.

This is another thing that Card Extension Members can take advantage of in addition to the starting cards.

Find The Best Car Rental

American Express has partnered with three car rental companies to benefit from those with Platinum cards.

In particular, holders of Platinum cards can register to become members of the National Car Rental Emerald Club Executive. The above position requires a 12 or 40 day rental loan in the calendar year to complete.

With this obligation, you will receive a free rental after renting 6 eligible cars, choose your car in the Executive Area and be sure to be promoted in the US and Canada when you book a Midsize car.

The benefits of renting Avis and Hertz are obtained using the Amex discount number. Cardholders can use the coupon code UUNA007 in the Avis storage area to receive advanced driver training (if available). When renting from the Hertz Gold site, Cardmember Card receives one class of car rental Medium via Full-Size car using CDP code 211762.

Save on Airplanes Using the International Airport System

One of the undisputed advantages of the Platinum Card is access to the American Express International Airline Program. The airline promotional program offers letter discounts to 26 travel companies by offering start-up costs, business or first tickets from the US and selecting Canadian airports.

Discounts can be surprisingly good. Take, for example, the return trip between Chicago and Tokyo. The cost of the flight is $ 2,377 for non-stop flights, but this has dropped to just $ 1,306 via the International Airline Program.

To get a discount, you must pay with an American Express card. Although you don’t have to use a Platinum Card, you may want to do so. It is because you will receive 5 Membership Awards for every dollar you spend on a trip to AmexTravel. As of January 1, 2020 $ 5 per airfare perk is available for the first $ 500,000 each year. Amex has also increased travel security stored by Platin Card since January 1, 2020.

Stay tuned for the Amex Amex Apps

To save money and cash as soon as you arrive, reserve a place to shop through Amex’s Fine Hotels & Resorts Program. Then you will find the following in over 1,000 hotels and shopping centers around the world:

  • Raise the room on arrival, when available
  • Breakfast for two
  • Reliable 4 o’clock late departure
  • Entering during the day, if any
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Specials that cost US $ 100, such as a spa or food and beverage

Amex found that these benefits increase to $ 550 in just two days’ stay. In addition, you will receive 5 Membership Rewards for every dollar you spend on your Platin Card payment.

If you do not find the game through the Fine Hotels & Resorts Program, Amex also has The Hotel Collection – a group of hotels and accommodation for 600 participants. The list of benefits is not overblown, however you will still get a $ 100 loan for the hotel and change the room (if available).

If you can save prepaid bills through the Amex’s Hotel Collection page, you will get five points on the dollar you spent on your Platinum Card.

Important Point

As you can see, the Platinum Card from American Express has many great value propositions. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use for $ 550 a year. So, if you have a Platinum Card, make sure you use this up to the max.

To view the prices and fees of Platinum Card® from American Express, please visit this page.

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