Lamoureux twins announce guide to be launched in February

But he did not delay.

The twins from the Grand Forks, who led the US women’s team to the 2018 Olympic gold, wrote a book describing their journey.

The book is called: Dare to Make History: Chasing a Dream and Fighting for Equality.

To be released Feb. 23 – one day after the third year of the gold medal in Pyeongchang, South Korea. This book is already available for download on Amazon.

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“They alternate between my voice and Mo’s voice,” Jocelyne said. “We close with one voice. Honestly the way we live together and fulfill our dreams together, there is probably no other way we can write a book.”

The book not only talks about their rise as hockey players from the Grand Forks to the international stage with the US Olympic Team, but also describes their equal fight between men and women and USA Hockey.

In 2017, the US team threatened to boycott the World Cup, which is due in Plymouth, Mich., Unless there is a similarity between USA Hockey. The two teams agreed before the deal and the American team won gold.

The following year, she went to the Olympics and won the world’s first women’s hockey gold medal with an amazing 20 years.

Following Canada Canada 2-1 late in the third season, Monique Lamoureux-Morado scored. Then, Jocelyne Lamoureux-Davidson shot the winner of the game with a moving shot.

Jocelyne said the book had been under review for some 18 months.

“One of our friends and mentors, David Cohen, who helped us get involved in the work we did with Comcast, encouraged us that our story could be a fun enough book,” Jocelyne said. “They also helped us make ideas together. You need to find a bookseller to sell ideas to the publishers. We are lucky that Radius thought the request was interesting enough to support our book.”

Both Jocelyne and Monique wrote the book for young children. They worked with a partner.

“We’d be working from home, writing together, and changing pages together,” Jocelyne said. “It was fun and a special way. At times, we read the same pages over and over again.”

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