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Kris Zimmerman spent years reading to children at the Loveland Public Library so many customers asked her if she was Mrs. Runschmunkel, the fictional name of the children’s reading room in the library.

No, Zimmerman is not Runschmunkel, though he is well known to many children and some who go to the library.

Zimmerman recently retired after 35 years with the library. Today, she talks about her work and her interests.

1) Did you choose this career, or did you choose it?

This job was my choice. My bachelor’s degree is in elementary education and emphasis from childhood. After graduating I became an assistant teacher at Thompson School District for six months when I saw a list of library support services that wanted to do part-time work. I got the job and over the years it has progressed from doing one story a week to six to seven times a week. It was appropriate for me to combine my love of reading with working with young children.

2) How has the purpose of the earth changed since the internet became so popular?

I don’t know if the purpose of the library has changed, what has changed and how the library supports it. It is still a place that offers opportunities to all and information to all. When I started this was mainly through the visual elements you went out and came back to. These services are still provided but you can now view e-books, social networking sites and time to watch news and other programs on average. You do not have to log in to the library and you can still use most of its features. For those who do not have internet at home they can use the computer lab and iCreate site.

3) What advice would you give to parents who are having difficulty getting their child to read?

I would encourage them to let their children read whatever they want. There are many comic books that are no different from traditional books but also include reading. Another good choice is a word book and follow along with the book. The library contains audio books available online or in person. They have tools that integrate the player with one book. My final advice is to read together as a family. Reading to your children can go on to high school and high school. Make reading fun!

4) Who is your favorite writer and why?

One of my favorite child-writing writers is David Wiesner. His books have no words so it is best to share the story with the children as we look at the illustrations and decide what is going on. When I read it for myself, I love Ann Patchett and Sena Jeter Naslund. I love stories that explore the lives of characters. I like being drawn to their country.

5) If you could visit any library – from here or in the past – where and why?

I love visiting all the libraries! As we travel, my husband pressures me to visit the local library. I did not go to the New York Public Library or the Library of Congress. It is well known, both the size of the colors and the design of their houses.

Kris Zimmerman

Occupation: Children’s Library (recently retired)

Years: 58

Zaka in Loveland: 44

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