Know About The centuries-old pillar ‘Pelourinho Novo’ higher often known as ‘Hathkatro Khambo’

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Old Goa located on the banks of the Mandovi River, Old Goa or Velha Goa (Velha Go Ve-Portuguese) means Old in Portuguese) was founded in the 15th century by the Adil Shahi line of Bijapur, said to compete with Lisbon glory such as the old Portuguese capital.

Old Goa, India was known as “East Rome” because of its beautiful churches. Today, twelve impressive churches with cathedrals and a piece of portal have been preserved.

Learn about Hath Katro Khamb

The centuries-old ‘Pelourinho Novo’, better known as the ‘Hathkatro Khambo’, is located in Old Goa, close to the cathedral complexes of nature.

It is a fascinating pillar dating back to the time of Kadamba who is believed to have been built in the 12th and 13th centuries and was part of the remains of a temple at the time.

‘Hat Katro Khambo’ is mentioned in Konkani, Hat means Hand, Ktro means Cut and Khambo is called Lawi which translates as a pillar when arms are cut off.

Some people say the name may be because in ancient times, petty criminals were portrayed and punished by cutting off one hand.

Historians say that freedom fighters were hanged by Portuguese authorities and then tortured.

Hatkatro Khamb is in the same area where Christians do justice to Xavier who considers him a Saint.

This pillar stands even today as a witness to the brutal oppression of the Portuguese, Hindu rulers in Goa; but it is better these days.

The condition of this ‘Hatkatro Khaamb’ is deplorable. Two chains on his side were released and taken by another. There is no fence around this ‘khamb’ for protection. There is no sign posted on the history of this ‘khamb’.

A number of people bravely fought against the Portuguese dictatorship. Hundreds of their children live in Goa even today; while some of them settled in other countries after losing everything in fighting such a war. These families have settled in other countries still feeling that they are close to Goa. Ref: Declare ‘Hatkatro Khamb’ in Goa as a National Memorial!

Map of Hatkatro Khamb

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