Kerala opens its seashore for the general public from November 01 2020

The beauty of Kerala with its beaches and beaches. Good beaches have not been affected since the closure began and according to recent developments, Kerala has opened its own public beaches.

According to government reports, Kerala State Government has opened its beaches since November 01, which is the second phase of the opening of various tourist attractions throughout the region. November 01 falling Sunday was also Kerala Day and Kerala opened its own vintage tourist attraction.

In the first phase of the inauguration, the federal government decided to open up the hill station, backpack, lodging boats, and shelter from October 12 and all of these areas are required to follow the self-defense measures provided by the Central Government.

Commenting on the opening of beaches in Kerala, Vice President of the Indian Association of Tour Operators (IATO) EM Najeeb said the reopening of beaches in Kerala would give new impetus to the hotel and tourism sector and help local families spend time offshore and break. among coronavirus infections.

Since October, Prime Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has launched and launched more than 26 tourism projects to help elevate the government as a positive tourist destination.

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