Kate Bosworth Reveals One Of Her Favourite Locations In The World

Kate Bosworth.

Kate Bosworth

Once the outbreak began, Kate Bosworth continued to find ways to keep busy. He founded KIND.EST, a website that aims to be a “good place to be kind.” There, Bosworth shares personal stories, aesthetic design, recipes and much more.

Like all of us, he learned to make good use of COVID closures, especially having Zoom reunions with Michelle Rodriguez and Sanoe Lake, fellow players from the Blue Crush of Hawaii. The strong feminist movement that makes Bosworth in his retirement show marks his 18th birthday this year. And recently, the Devil With a Name came to the scene of the show and the need. Based on the real story, the play directed by Edward James Olmos that Bosworth is a big fat man.

In the middle of his career, we spoke to Bosworth to find out how to go for a walk with his dog (his French spaniel Happy Happy and his full-time friend), see what he’s doing again (list) and find out where he’s going (idea: not far from home).

Why is kindness at the center of KIND.EST?

This is a social networking site that I have been thinking about for a while. I wanted to create a definite corner of the internet – a hand-crafted site, born out of my deep desire to connect, to explore further, to smile more, to be curious – through sincerity and kindness. I believe that love and kindness are very important to a person.

What are some of your favorite places?

Here I am in Montana – living here for half a year – and it is one of my favorite places in the world. I love going to the Maldives, Morocco, Australia. Europe, obviously.

The dog is a woman

Bosworth and his dog Happy.

Kate Bosworth

Do you like to travel with Happy?

Yes! He’s with us in Montana now. She and I drove alone from Los Angeles to meet my husband here. It was fun spending all this time on the road, both of us.

What is your advice on walking the dog?

For travel trips, I make sure to carry a small bag with me that contains food, dishes, snacks. He is a very good traveler. On our trip last week I picked up what she loves, Dog Sunday. It’s a great experience for this trip because it’s dry in the air, ready to eat, human dog food made from all natural ingredients, because it’s fresh and doesn’t have to be in the fridge.

What are some of the best places to hunt dogs?

The hardest place I went to bring an animal from the US was in Sydney, Australia. My dog ​​at that time was supposed to be isolated for four weeks. This was very difficult, but I planned to stay there for a year so that I would know that in the end it would be better.

Dorm room

Ranch at Rock Creek is one of Bosworth’s favorite places.

Ranch at Rock Creek

You were married at The Ranch in Rock Creek, the Forbes Travel Guide hotel of Star-Star, in 2013, and have attended it again and again, including a memorial trip in September. What makes it a special place for you?

Ranch at Rock Creek is one of my favorite places in the world. The landscape is spectacular — a ribbon of fish flying, beautiful horses riding – we embarked on a four-hour luncheon ride that was magical for our day. The same food is found in Montanian by God.

Most importantly, managers are kind and well-thought-out. Any information is maintained and modified at your discretion. It passes in a special way.

What are some of your favorite hotels?

Cipriani Love in Venice, Italy. Greenwich in NYC. The Amanera Hotel in the Dominican Republic is magical and wild and I love to visit.

Where is the list of bucket buckets?

Indonesia, Thailand, India, Mauritius. This is a very remote place and I have never had a chance to go. They feel like trips that I need real time to visit and hear.


Mauritius is one of the places Bosworth wants to visit.


I know you are an avid reader. Have you read any recent comments that you enjoyed or that inspired you?

Talking of India! Shantaram is a book that is on my table by the bed, and it is very good and clear, and I keep every chapter and know that I will be heartbroken when it is over. Every word is fun. I enjoy everything last.

The Devil Has A Name Posted this month. What else are you holding?

Happy the Devil Has a Name! This is a very special work with incredible artists: Eddie Olmos, David Strathairn, Alfred Molina. I mean, it’s a dream to learn and volley with these players.

I am currently working with my husband, Michael Polish, on a project he wrote about the closure of COVID and directing the so-called Bring Dancing Horses. That’s the last women’s manifesto.

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