Kamloops man with diabetes shares quirky travel tales in new guide – Kamloops Information

Walking with diabetes

A Kamloops man shares his newly published book with diabetics everywhere – in time for World Diabetes Day (November 14).

It’s called “Needle Me: News from a travel trip with diabetes.”

John De Luca has had diabetes since childhood. As an adult, he traveled on four continents for more than 10 years. This book describes his experiences outside of diabetes.

De Luca’s amazing journey involves making big but important decisions.

“I arrived in West Africa, Ghana, with four or 500 needles in my bag and had to bring them into the country,” Castanet explains. “Then you know, if needles are missing, you’re in trouble because you can’t give insulin, and I’m fighting constantly.”

According to Diabetes Canada, high blood sugar and low blood sugar can pose a risk if left untreated, which can put a diabetic at risk. Even so, it did not deter De Luca from finding a way to travel the world even if it put him in a difficult situation.

“Someone opens the door to the bathroom and I’m injecting insulin injections,” he recalls. “In many languages ​​you don’t know what they are insulting you until you hear the word ‘heroin’ and realize that they think you are a drug addict.”

You can download “Needle Me” here.

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