Joseph O’Connor reads from Shadowplay on Guide on One

The opening book One for November continues to focus on a group of these writers as they read, Joseph O’Connor showcasing the writing from Shadowplay, 2019 Irish Novel of the Year – listen to the first episode above.

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‘Everyone is doing it, almost always…’

Shadowplay selection takes place on time especially in most accounts, and was recently filmed by a reporter at his home in Dublin. This book is full of things. It’s a way to better understand the myths and spreads and stagnation of theater and performance, and the most dangerous at the moment is not something we can afford. It explores the status quo as one of the most intriguing thoughts and ideas of Bram Stoker who made Dracula, a well-known gothic book whose success was too late for Stoker to see for the rest of his life.


Shadowplay loves and cherishes in all its troubles, mysteries, infidelity and forgiveness, through the early, intermediate and future lives of the three top-class players. Also Bram Stoker and those of Henry Irving, older than the life actor and impresario and thought to be the originator of the idea of ​​the best performers, whose contribution to the Lyceum Theater brings Stoker to London; and Ellen Terry, who was the lead singer of her day, and her spirit is said to be disrupting the Lyceum Theater today.

O’Connor baptizes us in the decades following the Great Famine of Ireland, with all its dangers in Ireland in the 1870’s, as well as in the experience of Stoker on his way to western Ireland as a young preacher in Britain. , an employee at Dublin Castle. London, another city in the air and its events dominate the book, and where Stoker moves with his new wife to become the manager of the Lyceum Theater, he is threatened by a killer called The Ripper. It is the city in which Oscar Wilde’s longest-running book makes an unforgettable impression on the Lyceum and its subsequent collapse brings confusion and fear of what it might mean to others.

Shadowplay is now available on paper and published by Harvill Secker. Book on One airs at 11.20 pm on Cathal Murray’s Late Date on RTÉ Radio 1. All sections of Book on One can also be enjoyed here for four weeks after the announcement.

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