John Patrick appears again yet another time, ebook signing set for Nov 14 | Covid-19

If there is anything related to the current epidemic, it is probably a skill that has been developed among those who live at home.

Take John Patrick of South Beloit, for example.

“When we got home from Florida in April, everything was closed,” he said.

This didn’t stop him from thinking about all the stories he still wanted to share with people of his memories of life in the South Beloit and Stateline Area.

Some even asked him when he would write another book, he said, because the last one was published in 2012.

Those who know Patrick, or are familiar with his past memories, may remember: “The Old Old Days; Growing in the 40s and 50s,” “As I Remember… Stateline Reminders,” “Windows to Our Past Beloit Area Postcards,” “House on the Mountain; History of the Bushnell-Wheeler House,” by Stateline Snapshots; A Beloit Area Scrapbook “and” South Beloit 100 Years; 100 Years of South Beloit 1917-2017. “

His latest book is called “One More Look Back.” It is self-published with the help of their son, Jim Patrick, on his own design. On the cover is a picture of John Patrick above and looking back at a well-known portrait of Beloit Street. Some may remember the street where Hotel Marvin and Peet Insurance company were.

The book was written according to the author’s wishes and humor.

In his introductory remarks, Patrick said: “As soon as I reached the age of 80, my thoughts grew when I remembered childhood and that’s when I left my car keys.”

Readers are aware of the cultural background of the past few decades and the history of the site even before its time.

Asked how he got his word as a writer, he said it had to do with what he had learned in a university class while working for his degree.

The key is talking about what you know. I read a lot and I love the local history, ”he said.

Some of its research tools are ancient city records.

This led him to realize that there were 14 restaurants in the city of Beloit in the early 1960s. He also writes extensively about food and worked at Beloit Corporation for more than three decades.

During the break, when she was a fellow student at the company, she would go to McDonalds on Madison Road where she would buy a burger, fries and a 45-cent drink, she said.

They also talk about family reunions and vacations, games and hangouts from back in the afternoon and much more.

“In this book, I walk the streets of old Beloit and describe the places and people I remember. I’m going down State Street, Grand Avenue, Blackhawk Boulevard, Fourth Street, and many more and maybe funny stories come back to me.

“These are shared in the book as well as the history of the Beloit region and its people.”

As in other books, the money raised from the books benefits local organizations. The 118-page volume is filled with photos and sells for $ 15.

“One More Look Back” is available for sale at Best of Beloit in Gardner St., South Beloit, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on November 14; at the Bushnell-Wheeler Home November 20-22 at the holiday home and at The Beloit Historical Society’s Lincoln Center reopening. For sale at Austin barbershop on State Street in Beloit or call 815-389-1514.

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