Joe Biden’s Rehoboth Seaside, Delaware, dwelling shines gentle on seaside city

REHOBOTH BEACH, Del. (AP) – Such a town known for its sometimes volcanic Atlantic waves, a new fire in France and a 1-kilometer timber road dating back to the 1870’s has been known as “Nation’s Summer Capital.”

It could play soon at the White House.

President-elect Joe Biden owns $ 2.7 million, a Delaware North Shores house with a swimming pool overlooking Cape Henlopen State Park, which is close to the sea and a short distance from Rehoboth. I flew about two hours by car from Washington and less compared to Biden’s long-term apartment in Wilmington.

Biden stayed in Rehoboth Beach after the Democratic National Convention and returned later this week as President-elect.

“I think he’s got a few days off,” said Jen Psaki, a consultant for the Biden transformation team.

Actors Richard Gere and Denzel Washington have traveled to Rehoboth Beach, as did ESPN reporter and former Washington Post reporter Tony Kornheiser. Biden will be the first President to go on a regular vacation to the town.

This would be appropriate for Biden, who proudly declared himself to be the poorest man in Congress during his 36 years in the Senate. He bought the side house after stepping down as vice president, with the help of a $ 8 million, multibook deal he signed with his wife, Jill.

“For all our work, Jill and I have always dreamed of being able to buy land on the beach at home where we can bring the whole family,” Biden said in a statement after buying the house. “We are fortunate that we have now been able to do this.”

She moved less than two years before the son of Biden Beau, a former Delaware attorney general, died of brain cancer. One sign in the house reads “Beau’s Gift,” while another says “Forever Jill.”

U.S. President Electro Joe Biden and his wife Jill Biden ride a bike through Cape Henlopen State Park on November 14, 2020 in Lewes, Delaware.  President Elect Biden lives in a dormitory in Rehoboth Beach while working on his transformation.

Rehoboth Beach can now enter Palm Beach, Florida, Martha’s Vineyard and Crawford, Texas, as the president returns soon.

This change is already taking place.

While Biden’s entry was banned, journalists filled the Rehoboth coast this week, with TV reporters flooding the road to stop.

The Browseabout Bookstore on the main issue created a unique exhibition with a history of Biden, as well as books written by Joe and Jill Biden, the Biden calendar, mugs, color books and rings. Biden’s bid cost $ 15, as well as something completely new – the president’s socks decorated in gray – wearing a red, white and blue tie and announcing, “Vote for Joe Biden.”

The best seller was Biden’s fragrant candle that sounds like one of his favorite beverages: the orange Gatorade.

An exhibition of Presidential nominees Joe Biden and Jill Biden including fragrant candles, is available at Browseabout Books, Friday, November 13, 2020, at Rehoboth Beach, Del.

After leaving the vice-presidency, Biden comes to Browseabout to buy coffee and newspapers after going to church one Sunday.

“The treatment they receive is the same as everyone else’s. We just don’t love each other. We want everyone to feel welcome, “said Jessie Jones, a senior Browseabout employee, says Bidens.” Now, sales people, this is another story. “

A senior official, Andreea Istrate, said after Jill Biden came to sign her 2012 book “Don’t Forget: God Bless Our Groups” in the store, Joe Biden shook hands with everyone in line and used the quip he gave back several times and ran to the president, “Hello, I’m Jill’s husband. ” It was so crowded that Istrate climbed on the window to leave, instead of trying to squeeze the door.

“There was a lot of energy today,” Jones said, as the world reports that Biden has returned. “People were saying, ‘Let’s do our shopping at Christmas and, if we can see Joe, that’s fine.”

Mayor Stan Mills says Jill Biden often rides a bicycle in the vicinity, enjoying the shade of the large trees that are often found along the coast.

“We hope that, by calling him the well-known Biden, he will continue to move around the town,” said Mills, who said he had not met Biden but hoped to “come a little farther.”

Rehoboth has a lot of LGBTQ businesses, dolphins that are often seen enjoying the waves and other holiday money plus fudge, salt water taffy and ice cream garnished with magic peppers.

It has about 1,500 full-time people but grows to about 25,000 in the summer months. Prior to the coronavirus epidemic, Independence Day on Independence Day and the annual Sea Witch Halloween celebration can take up to 80,000.

An exhibition of Presidential nominees for President Joe Biden and Jill Biden is available at Browseabout Books, Friday, November 13, 2020, at Rehoboth Beach, Del.

Nick Caggiano, owner of Nicola Pizza, first met Biden when he opened the Senate in 1972. Caggiano said three groups of Secret Service agents came to pick up Bidens pizza when they arrived in town on Thursday.

“I think Joe, over the years, has always had a personality,” Caggiano said. “She’s happy.”

Rita Sonntag, a nurse, lives near Bethany Beach but went to Rehoboth to buy cat food on Saturday and went to visit Cape Henlopen State Park. He met Joe and Jill Biden as they walked along Gordons Pond’s path, with the Secret Service wearing five uniforms and assistants.

“I thought that, in the meantime, they should be encouraged not to go public,” Sonntag said. “But then I feel like, ‘Oh, this is it.’”

When the Bidens returned the same way, more than a dozen people joined the press waiting. When asked when he was asking if he was about to elect a Court, the president-elect did not answer, “Yes,” but was quick to explain. One of the women in the group shouted “Go Joe!”

As popular as Biden locally, however, not everyone is a fan. At T-Shirt World, employee Sydney Doel said the few Biden shirts in which the store was stored were not for sale. President Donald Trump, however, had his share, with more than half a dozen shirts, hats attached to visors and sweatshirts ranging from open bottles to shorts. Red Trump’s water jacket was gone.

Doel politely said he hoped to one day see Biden around the town, but his face lit up when asked what would happen if Trump bought a house in Rehoboth Beach. He and a colleague agreed that rural areas far from the coast have “patriotic people”.

“If you come out a little bit, you see a lot of Trump signs,” Doel said. “I think having Trump here, would be fun for a lot of people.”

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