Joe Biden, Coronavirus Surge, Thanksgiving: Your Weekend Briefing

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Here are the top stories for the week, and look forward to the future

1. President-elect Joe Biden.

Biden was announced as the 46th President of the United States on Saturday, pledging international cooperation and healing to address the economic and financial crisis. This makes Donald J. Trump the interim president after four years of turmoil, as well as the first president of more than a quarter of years to lose the election.

“Let this evil demonic era in America begin here and there,” Biden told the audience in a car in Wilmington, Del., Adding, “I promise to be a President who does not want to divide, but unite.” Read all his statements.

After several difficult days of counting ballots in a few battlefields, Biden won Saturday morning in Pennsylvania, and was later declared the winner in Nevada, with 279 votes from the Electoral College in Mr. 214 of Trump.

Biden also won a popular vote with 74 million votes. Trump received more than 70 million votes, second only above.

The results gave a memorable moment to Senator Kamala Harris, who became the first woman – as well as a national woman – to be elected vice president. Harris, the daughter of an Indian woman and a Jamaican father, has risen to prominence in the country more than any other woman who has ever lived. In her triumphant words, Mrs. Harris thanked the women who made her.

Mr. Biden is the culmination of a career that began in the Nixon era and lasted half a century of political and social history. Now, in their third presidential bid, Biden has undergone a major test of his main idea of ​​control: that persuasion is good and steady progress is still making progress.

2. There are no signs of Trump’s authorization speech.

Aides told our reporters at the White House that the President, who had received a report of his disappearance on a golf course, was not surprised. In a statement released during a training session at the Trump National Golf Club, Trump said Biden was trying to “pretend” as a winner. Many Republican lawmakers remained silent on the outcome.

Trump has not changed his mind to continue with the legal crisis over the election results that several of his MPs have warned him he will never run for office again. The effects of electoral change appear to be drastically reduced in key ballot countries.

This is what happens when election results are contested.

Mr Biden campaigned for a peaceful and self-sacrificing life, “concerned with the life of the country.” In the end, he rightly judged how the country benefited from Mr. Trump. This is how Mr. Biden won.

3. Screaming from the window, the sound of cattle, the sound of trumpets: Pictures of joy and relief spread around the world.

The impromptu festivities, some with firefighters, began at street corners from Los Angeles to Washington, DC, to Philadelphia, below, and New York, where people flooded into Times Square. And in Ballina, Ireland, above, his relatives Mr. Biden celebrated in the village of their ancestors.

“It’s great to know I’m not alone,” said one Biden assistant in Chicago. “And we haven’t had a chance to have fun together in a long time.”

But as a competition alone, what happened in America was divided. A majority of Trump supporters have vowed to continue to fight the aftermath, and a clear trend in the race. In Lansing, Mich., Trump supporters chanted, “Whose streets? Our streets?” And repeated Mr. Trump’s false claims that he had won the election.

We had Trump’s successor in the Massachusetts Democratic bastion when he gradually realized that it was not going his way.

5. First Business Order of the President-Elect: corona virus.

The U.S. epidemic is breaking daily, and deaths are rising at more than half the world’s population. The nation filed more than 100,000 cases on the third consecutive day – including 132,797 on Friday – and more than 1,000 people on the fourth straight day, according to a Times database. Above, Columbus, Ohio.

The Biden campaign has convened an internal team of about a dozen health professionals and specialists to oversee delivery and vaccination, process health data and find chains, among others. This is how the President-Biden transition team is preparing to deal with the epidemic.

And there are fears that another plague is sweeping the White House after six allies, including a senior official from Mr. Trump, Mark Meadows, was diagnosed with coronavirus on Wednesday.

6. Across the Atlantic Ocean, European medical diseases are on the rise.

New data from 21 countries shows that there are more Covid-19 patients now than in the worst days, threatening to go through hospitals and exhausted. More than twice as many people in Europe are in the hospital with Covid-19 as in the US, converted into human beings.

By one estimate – from the European Center for Prevention and Control – total cases in Europe have reached 11.8 million.

7. Change from home he added that anyone can become a digital migrant and tackle the epidemic from a foreign environment. It didn’t go very well.

Tax crises, family breakdown, and Covid’s self-blame are approaching, the kinds of things that a person can ruin when making an extra decision to rent a house and register a ticket to paradise.

Since Hawaii, above in Honolulu, received visitors in mid-October – as long as they had a severe coronavirus test – more than 100,000 people have fled to the islands from faraway lands. Travel agencies and islanders are expected to set the stage for international travel. But some locals refuse to take part in the experiment.

8. Players after, sufferers of the air and firefighters it may be hot, but the worst party in Brooklyn is still not over.

The India House was changing at New York nightlife when it opened: space at the same time wild and safe, challenging and integrated. Glitter, neon and disco running are always provided. But the club, like others, closed when the plague struck in March, putting its future in jeopardy.

Nowadays, the actors retain the energy of the club as they paint their faces and spin the pillars at home. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. But one thing is for sure, one of the staff members said: “The sign of the House of Commons if the exhibition and admission space will endure.”

9. The whole point of gratitude is growth. Probably not this year.

Holidays are still a few weeks away, but our Food desk has been busy finding other ways to be on your vacation table. It’s a little fresh, and making a small meal can be just as fun as a party – and easy. It’s just a matter of reducing its size.

Follow the menu of Melissa Clark, who offers all the little ingredients for a small package. They shared tips for reducing popular dishes. In any case, you need an apple pie, which Genevieve Ko calls “salt like sweat for homework.” Key: Use as many varieties of apple as you can.

Join our Second Food Group to discuss how to cook a Thanksgiving sounds during the epidemic.

10. And finally, a good weekend.

20th Anniversary of the International Space Station. Battery battles. Self-expression with artist Bob Ross. Take a break from the stories and stories and more in The Weekender.

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Have a simple week.

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