Jess Walter returns with super ‘The Chilly Tens of millions’

There is an option next week that will be the highlight of a boring, bright year, but if you have the time and space to read new stories, it can be used on “The Cold Millions” (Harper, 352 pp., ★ ★ ★ ★ in four), the most recent book by best author Jess Walter, and her first book since 2012 “Beautiful Ruins.”

It is a fascinating, well-known, fascinating, historic work featuring political events that resonate with us: the unruly Spokane of the early 1900s, where tramplers, workers and organizations are fighting millions of mines, the evil government and the brutal police, violent power.

The Rye brothers and Gig Dolan are some of the city’s most populous, “nomadic, nomadic, nomadic, American” people in search of real-life, hilarious and intimidating organizations that provide opportunities for their allies to co-operate with local governments. Young, white and economically depressed, Rye and Gig take part in the Industrial Workers of the World, or IWW, a partnership established by the entertainment industry and extremists.

After the liberation of 1909 Spokane lost hundreds of brothers and sisters in prison, 16-year-old Rye served as a stronghold. It attracts the attention of the famous labor leader and female Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, one of the few well-known people who lives and admits Walter’s book. Naintini and she is pregnant, walks west and causes trouble, speaks the truth strongly and offends everyone she meets.

He and IWW are at risk from city investors, including Lem Brand entertainment enthusiasts. An electric dealer, with a cage for the dark-skinned man, asks to help the Gig who are arrested in exchange for Rye’s loyalty. This is an attractive gift – Rye is not only imagined as her older brother, and longs for stability after the death of her parents and other relatives after leaving her alone on earth but for Gig.

Author Jess Walter.

Walter is a native of Spokane, and captures the depth and spread of this moment in the history of his homeland. “There was no place like that at the time, Spokane – hell with such hair in this town.” “The Cold Millions” gives us a journey, with a lot of violence and surprises as well as a journey promoted by an unforgettable band.

About half of the book is told by a third person from Rye, but Walter brings a lot of words to the world – Gig and Gurley Flynn, as well as a survivor, a drunken hit man, and Ursula the Great, a vaudeville singer who plays in a stable with a mountain lion .

Rye and all the other poor and oppressed – millions of colds – are facing financial inequality, police brutality, and government corruption, problems that still plague America in the last 100 years, even though many people have done so for a long time. As Gurley Flynn tells Rye, no one wins the battle – “But to win the war from time to time? What more could you want?”

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