Jeffery Deaver: ‘I can all the time discover solace in Center-earth and Tolkien’s creativeness’ | Crime fiction

The book I am reading here
Front Row at Trump show host Jonathan Karl. My country is sailing on the high seas right now. The book, written by ABC’s top journalist who has talked about Trump for years, is a well-researched, well-researched and comprehensive study of the above and below. That’s all journalism has to offer. It is not a myth, as some claim.

A book that changed my life
After reading it Coming from Russia, I fell in love with Ian Fleming as a child, I decided to become a well-known fiction writer. I thought, in my childhood: I could – maybe not immediately and maybe not, but the book gave me two things: inspiration to write and a storytelling template that went as fast as Orient Express, in straight, dry and solid form. I try to keep this in mind whenever I’m on the keyboard.

Daniela Bianchi and Sean Connery in the 1963 film Ian Fleming of Russia with Love.Daniela Bianchi and Sean Connery in the 1963 film Ian Fleming of Russia, It’s Love. Photo: SNAP / Rex Features

The book I wish I could write
Harper Lee To Kill The Mockingbird is a characteristic feature of some of the most important themes in the literature: family, courage, honesty, social divisions, politics and – inevitably in the US competition. Such a decision makes the book sound like a guide, but no, the author has lowered the limit and hung it cleverly on experimental and fast-paced routines. Not only that, he filled the whole shebang with some of the most memorable people in the story.

A book that greatly influenced my writing
Adventures of Augie March author Saul Bellow. My favorite author, Bellow has written a great Bildungsroman with this book. It tells the story of the protagonist who is mentioned as he travels from childhood to trouble, where he achieves peace and tranquility, which, despite his imperfections, will unite us all. Why would I, who, let’s face it, probably not be Booker’s superintendent soon, say that a Nobel laureate is useful? Because Bellow tells his compelling and interesting story. He taught me to see how words can sound respectfully as their meaning.

The book I think is very limited
All Shot By Chester Himes. Himes, who had no interesting experience as a Native American in the US, moved to Europe, where he wrote most of his books. He was an international genius who did, but I chose one of Harlem’s research, which included NYPD researchers Coffin Ed Johnson and Grave Digger Jones. All Shot Up, which he rarely hears, is the first child in Elmore Leonard to meet Ed McBain fog.

A book that changed my mind
I’ve always been a plot-driven writer; my books have three stories, sometimes mixed, all of which end at the end; I stared at those pyrotechnics and ignored my characters. After reading the autobiography of author John le Carré I found myself associating with the people who created them, without relying on the tricks of the story. I thought that, while I would not neglect my task of giving readers a plot, I now strive to do the same in making alive, breathing people we feel we know and care for (and, scorn and fear).

The last book that made me cry
Posting by Annie Proulx. I re-read the book and moved on as the first time I read it, years ago. Proulx is more stylist than anyone else.

The last book that made me laugh
Wobble to Death by author Peter Lovesey – a fascinating secret about a massacre at a six-day marathon at the Royal Agricultural Hall in Islington, north London, by several detectives Detective Sergeant Cribb and his assistant Constable Thackeray in the case. As a conspirator to make money, I was determined to nail baddie. No. I was so wrong. Hence, the coveted guffaw.

I could not finish the book
A Girl With a Dragon Sign. I am very small but I found it to be dangerous, stupid and obvious. Sorry, fans.

A book I am so ashamed that I have not read
What is the mental law for things like this? I threw it together in high school on Let Us Now Praise Men Famous by James Agee and photographer Walker Evans, not reading it. I used the comment and the type of jacket and swam quickly. The Class A I received was bitten more than I would have been called to make a mistake.

A book that I give as a gift
For adults: any list of Robert Frost’s poems. For children: Hobbit.

The book I want is the most memorable
The Garden of Life. This is my excitement, the winner of the Steel Dagger from the CWA, about the hitman who went to Berlin in 1936, after hiding in the Olympics. His goal is to assassinate a (imaginary) ally who will help Hitler fight the war. It took me two years to write and, even with my own – fast and twisted – revisiting the evils that have been established and the group that is attracted to the insane.

My consolation reads
Lord of the Rings. I know I always find comfort in the Middle-Earth and in Tolkien’s mind. The combination of using the English language as… good, witches, and its production languages ​​from the whole cloth is obvious to me.

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