Jeff Jenkins’ Chubby Diaries weblog encourages plus-size travel

Jeff Jenkins aspired to be a travel blogger.

But as he researched the media, magazines and pages to promote himself, Jenkins realized that there were very few bloggers who looked like him.

So two years ago, he decided to repair his road by building a name that would provide advice and voice for other people who would be reluctant to travel because of their weight.

“My goal is to redefine what it looks like to walk, and the implication is that oppressed groups are represented in the movement. My field or part of the trip is bigger. In America alone, there are 128 million people who are considered overweight and obese, “Jenkins, now 34, told Austin American-Statesman, a member of the USA TODAY Network.” but I want people to live now. Since the big market and the products are not making things available, I feel like there is a gap in the industry. ”

Jenkins from Austin, Texas set up the website and quickly attracted people across the country who want to be open and unobtrusive. He now has over 20,000 followers on his Instagram account, @chubbydiaries_, and was featured in an article from the New York Times to Travel + Leisure.

We recently talked with him about everything from his life on as a way to help him walk away from the plague.

How did you get started blogging?

I wanted to make ends meet and go into business. I worked for a well with friends in Rwanda and I am not an engineer. I didn’t know how the water came out, but learning to do this is also living in Rwanda and that’s when I thought I wanted to go around the world, help people and get paid. That is where the original idea came from.

What are the first steps you took?

First I had to commit to it, that was the main thing. I started looking at everything through blogging. I started taking classes to learn. Even after two years, I have been able to figure out how to make a lot of money from what I do.

You grew up in Orlando and your father was a cook at Disney World. Did you walk as a child?

I did a lot of other trips, but when I turned 20 I got out of the house and boarded my first plane.

What is your favorite place?

Japan sells my favorite country in the world. The first flight was to Japan. Living there, culture and traditions as well as food is amazing. My favorite city is New York City around the world. There is something about New York power and the bright lights and people. And I love Spain, I love Italy and Indonesia.

Where would you like to go?

Antarctica. They are at the top of the list right now. I hear that there is no noise there and the silence is too loud you can feel your heartbeat.

How often do you travel before this plague?

It had been three weeks since I had left. My wife was able to accompany me on some trips, but not all. But he doesn’t interfere too much, so getting out of the house is sometimes a good thing (for him).

How has the plague affected your work?

At first I thought it was about to end, but fortunately I ran a DivInc business for small businesses with women. Living there and learning more about the business, the benefits, which really helped me a lot. Even in the midst of the epidemic I grew up in the audience and was known to be a thoughtful leader, but it was because I had to travel, and I love food blogs more than ever. But international travel is over for now.

Have you ever made house or community trips during the plague?

My first trip came back in July. We traveled this far – North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming to Montana. We have to go to Yellowstone National Park, Glacier National Park, Grand Tetons. This has brought everything, and I have been on the move ever since. I went to Disney World in Orlando to visit families and see what Disney World is doing and how it keeps people safe. And I’ve been to Louisville and Memphis.

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Glacier National Park was one of the stops for Jeff Jenkins' trip through North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming and Montana this summer.

How have you been accepted as a black blogger?

When people see me often, they don’t just see my size. He also sees Black. I think I can do what I do in the field where I contribute in full representation. I encourage black producers, and I am one of the founders of the Black Travel Alliance. Our goal is to expand and accountability within the travel industry.

What is it like to see the success of

It becomes destructive and destructive at the same time. I was a teacher at school before this, and I live in this place, “You can’t have this, this is somebody’s life.” To realize that I have made goals, I started dreaming big and seeing those dreams come true, it is all a blessing. And it is happening faster than I think.

What are your favorite travel tips?

Google is your friend. I always like to look at people’s blogs and look at their movements and make my own moves there. For more people, the West Bank is one of the most popular transportation routes for overtime travelers. Also, because I’m on a budget, I don’t let days get in the way of my travels. I’m going to discount. I allow discounts and orders when I go elsewhere.

How did you decide to focus on the larger journey?

It happened while my wife and I were on a plane. I mentioned something in the chair. We used to talk about window seats or aisles and then wrap seat belts and I would be like, “Don’t you think about this? Don’t you think about weight restrictions, growth restrictions? Oh, that nonsense.” Most people have heard it because it makes them feel bad. They don’t want to be unhappy and they don’t want other people to be uncomfortable.

Traveling blogger Jeff Jenkins, filmed earlier this month at Austin's Hi Sign Brewing, moved to Austin from Orlando in 2012.

Have you met people who feel that they cannot walk or that they should not walk until they are rich?

I just did some writing the other day, and I found people in my DMs like, “This is how I feel!” I didn’t know how many people felt the same way until I started posting about these things that I feel like a travel blogger and advertiser. I was clearly in my mind. I was foolish to think that I was the only one who thought this way. There are thousands of people who think like this.

Have you ever been ostracized because of a larger trip?

I watch it sometimes. And I’ve had people come to touch me, as if to try to touch my stomach. This happened in Thailand and it hurts a lot; I had three or four elders come to handle my love affairs. Sometimes I feel shy and lonely because everyone can ride (me) and I can’t. I work with Chubby Diaries to help deal with the feeling of isolation and shame by simply teaching people the tools and habits they need to know in advance to know if they can do something or not.

Do you think there is a misconception that adults cannot be zealous?

There are so many misconceptions when it comes to my age that I can’t climb mountains, I can’t swim with these fish. I know I can swim around people. I swim well. I don’t care about climbing. I want people to go abroad and have a chance to see it again. He removes people from their beds when they see excessive people in the media and on Instagram as well as in magazines and newspapers.

If you are safe traveling, how would you tell a person who has traveled a long way because of his or her size?

Live now. Do not wait until you have reached your full potential. Do your research, follow me, and let’s live here. I usually tell people. Don’t be taken for granted. Do it today. Make a decision today.

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