Jack Reacher Works Alone. That Doesn’t Imply His Creator Has To.

There are some of us who always enjoy the idea of ​​Reacher just going anywhere, and finding someone in trouble, fixing things up, and pouring out a coffee shop and tying it up. Not this time. Reacher does not even come individually. He rides with travel insurance, and then falls into the trap of Rusty Rutherford, an unemployed IT manager. And it goes very well with how the town can do it, though Reacher 1.0 loved the long walks that inspire readers. Obviously he finds local problems, and he can see them – oh, boy – “clearly as the astronomer wrote this with white smoke.” Kids need to get back on Lee’s gym.

The highlight of the “Sentinel” is the amount of work, as the beautiful Pleasantville area is filled with common spaces: gas stations, cafes, restaurants, motel-free rooms, storage, town offices, houses, apartments, houses, dumps waste, and much more. There is also a non-natural area called Spy House, which can look like all the complexities a burg needs. But no. The authors have added many sections, many plots, to the point where three books appear to be under pressure to stay together. We see how MacGuffin related to the Russian uprising played out in the book from October 27th.

Reacher is very busy dealing with all of this. It may be Andrew who brings out many of Reacher’s ideas just to talk, turning every war into something more and focusing more on Reacher’s powerful interest in geometry and physics. (Lee’s tricks were clever and quick.) And I don’t know why Reacher has to buy more this time around, but he does. In fact, electronic tape is used.

One of the goals of “The Sentinel” is to bring Big Guy to the world of technology. More can be done because they use a mobile phone in this book and need to know who the servers are. But the additions replaced the list of events, which had a positive effect. There was always the excitement of seeing Reacher expanding the new motel room, seeing the most white woman in town, having breakfast and consuming 200,000 calories in her day. This time they drive, fight, question, finish off heads and cliffhangers and set traps. It is not a simple life that we all love. It’s not driving enough to take action for the sake of action, either.

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