It’s not too late to e-book an inexpensive flight for the vacations. Right here’s what to anticipate in case you’re flying.

The week around Thanksgiving is one of the busiest trips of the year, but this year the airports have looked different, due to the coronavirus epidemic.

This will be a very busy week since the coronavirus hit, but airports and planes will not look like the majority of people seen years ago, say airlines and industry officials. Reducing demand means that travelers can still register for a cheap flight for more than two weeks until Thanksgiving, if they check and move quickly.

“We’ve seen customers reserve or plan to fly for a week or two instead of a month or two (ahead),” said Josh Earnest, a spokesman for United Airlines. “People are refusing to make long-term plans because things are changing. We know less than the trip we saw on the 2019. vacation.”

However, United, a major carrier at Newark Airport, expects Thanksgiving week to be the busiest week since the epidemic began, Earnest said.

About 50% of Thanksgiving commuters booked their flights within 30 days of takeoff and United added 1,400 home flights a week of Thanksgiving, he said.

“The reservation of November and December is permanent,” he said.

Whether you can buy a cheap ticket depends on the time you want to go.

“This is one of the best years to get good,” said Ankit Gupta, vice president of United Airlines. “People are flexible, so they have a lot of options.”

These changes, combined with flights that provide cash to change or delay travel, allow travelers to search, but do not have to wait long, experts say.

“Although ticket prices are usually lower, year after year, prices are much higher and I hope that when airlines respond they will see alternatives and other places needed,” said Expedia spokesman Christie Hudson. “I would advise you to pay close attention to the price and use tools such as flexible calendars on our page to earn the best value.”

If you’re flying to a popular vacation spot, don’t wait until the last minute to reserve, Hudson said.

Mobile websites, such as Expedia provide search filters for ‘free discount’ or book now, pay later. Passengers can read about the safety and hygiene of aircraft by looking at the fees they require, he said.

Travelers have many reasons to wait, ranging from commercial searches to monitoring changes in coronavirus, experts say.

“For the holidays, much depends on how well the cases of (coronavirus) are progressing and how recent vaccinations and travel restrictions appear,” Hudson said.

The idea of ​​transmission in New Jersey is inclusive but 11 countries and medical organizations have agreed not to attend large-scale thanksgiving conventions.

One way to help people live on their own is to take a COVID-19 test. Prompt testing is provided at Newark Airport in Terminal B, which can bring results in “minutes, not days,” said James Gill, general manager of Newark Airport.

Uncertainty makes it difficult for the Port Authority in New York and New Jersey, other pilots, and the Transportation Security Administration to predict how many flights they can plan. The TSA declined to say how many Thanksgiving tours are expected to be shown, said Lisa Farbstein, a TSA spokeswoman.

“We see people saving for the last minute, some keeping it because airplanes allow for re-reading at no extra cost, increased coronavirus cases; and restrictions on international travel,” he said. “Such fluctuations will not help to predict the future.”

The planes are the same, unless they are planning to “collide” in 2020, says Gill.

“We don’t have a specific number, we expect it to change,” Gill said. “The carriers will share as soon as they find out, but our staff is ready.”

A study conducted by Travelocity, found that one in five people are planning to fly during the holidays, while the AAA clearly shows about 95% want to travel by car Thanksgiving.

Some TSA personnel will use other safety precautions during the journey to prevent shorter lines and reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection, said Farbstein

One key to reducing stress is to put the items you take out of your pockets in a light bulb directly in your pocket instead of in a bin, Farbstein said. The TSA also increased the number of porters allowed to come.

Airlines and airport operators have emphasized the importance of hygiene and transportation since the plague. Wearing outer coverings is permitted on airplanes and in many airports. A study by the U.S. Department of Defense found that most viruses and other germs do not spread easily during travel due to the way the air in the cabin is circulated and selected.

One expert agreed with the study that some passengers and COVID-19 destinations are more dangerous than the cleanliness of an airport or airline hygiene, says Ken Jenkins of Ken Jenkins LLC and a 26-year-old former American Airlines soldier.

Travelers can see the pages of airplanes and airports to see videos and infographics of what they are doing to make this possible, to see the dangers, says Jenkins. United, TSA and Port Authority all have such videos on their page.

“I’m becoming more knowledgeable and seeing what everyone is doing,” Jenkins said. “Look at the airport you are leaving and where you are going. If you have less time or connectivity, then another place to stay.”

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