Italian city of Salemi sells homes beginning at €1

(CNN) – The Covid-19 epidemic could change the world as we know it, but it seems that there are other factors to consider.

And struggling Italian cities are selling abandoned homes at commercial prices to alleviate the problem of overcrowding and inequality.

The picturesque town of Salemi in Sicily is a new state-of-the-art offering for affordable espresso.

Over the next month, several melted houses will go to the market with a starting price of € 1, or more than a dollar.

The mayor of the town, Domenico Venuti, hopes the plot will help bring new life to Salemi, which saw a dramatic decline in the population as at least 4,000 people fled the devastating 1968 earthquake that shook Belice Valley of Sicily.

“All the buildings belong to the city council, which helps to sell and reduce the network,” Venuti told CNN Travel.

“Before the plan was put in place, we had to rehabilitate the old Salemi area where the houses are located, and renovate the infrastructure and services from the roads to the electricity grid and toilet pipes.

“Now the town is ready for the next phase.”

Hope for revival

The town of Sicilian Salemi hopes to attract new citizens by selling houses for one price from the euro.

Francesco Russo

While it may seem like Salemi is late for a one-euro house party, officials here were some of the first to suggest suggesting to sell substandard homes without anything if buyers renovate the venue.

Similar methods have been developed in several Italian villages, such as Cinquefrondi, a region in southern Calabria, and Mussomeli, also in Sicily.

However, officials were unable to register Salemi’s project at the time due to various constraints, and it seems necessary that the town be admitted for the first time abroad.

“It was a long time,” explains Venuti. “Not only did we have to do a lot of planning to find the most vulnerable areas, we also needed to find more housing to live in.

“We’ve been ready for a while but we want to wait and see how the Covid-19 changed.”

Italy was heavily affected by the Covid-19 in the early stages, although Sicily is currently one of the least affected areas in Europe.

While Venuti acknowledges that the virus is still a problem for residents of the town, which currently has about 30 cases, he believes this is the right time to move forward with the plot, stressing that the numbers are declining that day.

The houses of their choice go to the market at a price starting at € 1, following the route of the town of Sambuca in Sicilian, where the houses were sold to a major retailer and one buyer bought an invisible house.

Urban power

The Italian city of Salem sells houses for about one euro

Some homes were severely damaged during the 1968 earthquake that shook the Belice Valley of Sicily.

Francesco Russo

From the beginning of the 17th century, the houses are centered in the ancient history, surrounded by the ancient city walls.

While some may need to be repaired in the event of an earthquake damage, most have a good design, requiring little work.

Covering an area of ​​at least 85 square meters, it is made of a solid yellow-pink stone taken from nearby caves called “campanedda,” or “bell” in the local language – its name comes from the sound of the stone being struck by a hammer.

They all have the same shape, like several floors and black walls, while a few have open rooms, but Belvedere Street is a lot of fun, because it ignores the lush green valley.

Although they have been rested several times over the past several centuries, these houses, which are two or three stories low, were at one time the smallest of rural life in the town.

When they are first detained, families sleep on the ground, while their pets are kept in cages on the ground.

According to Venuti, prospective buyers do not need to go to Salemi to inspect the house before the opportunity is offered, but will need to send a detailed plan to demonstrate their commitment to the project.

Interested people are able to view photographs of the current location, along with a map showing their location, and download application forms from the city council page when the project begins.

These repair projects will also be reviewed according to their feelings.

Those who plan to transform the site into a B&B or other type of business with a business experience will receive a tax deduction.

One buyer can buy more than one home, but all buyers must pay a € 3,000 ticket, which must be returned if the balance is completed within three years.

Venuti says there are 100 other properties in the town that can be sold after the first phase.

But most are old warehouses, barns or shops, so they need to be converted before they are put on the market.

Dreams of gold

The Italian city of Salem sells houses for about one euro

The abandoned houses that run under the hammers all have long rooms and stairs.

Francesco Russo

Salemi shines brilliantly thanks to the warm gold of the campanedda stone that adorns the appearance of its churches, palaces, palazzos and palaces, reflecting the sunlight.

Located near Trapani airport and a port from the tropical islands of Egadi, it is worth a look at Sicily’s wildlife and stunning beaches.

Surrounded by herds of cattle, Salemi lives at the foot of the Roses Mountain and is surrounded by two white rivers, which contribute to the fresh air of fresh air.

While the Sicilian summer is known to be tropical, the town is located at an altitude of 450 meters above sea level, an area that creates a refreshing cool breeze.

Visitors can walk through a number of beautiful “archeo-trekking” routes through villages and ruins of a protected area and a necropolis along the way.

The Scopello National Park, famous for its magnificent marine archives and the tuna factory, is located just 20 minutes away, while the golden temples of Selinunte and Segesta simply throw a stone.

Established in the ashes of an ancient house and later conquered by the Saracens, its name is thought to derive from the Arabic word “Salam,” which means “healthy and secure” – or “Salem,” meaning “peacefully.”

In the architecture of the ancient Baroque architecture, Salemi moves slowly below the Norman palace, while the palaces move to stone floors that were formerly farmers and artisans.

The town’s main town is a dilapidated church, with the ruins of a rocky outcrop still standing near the entrance to the sunrise.

Its living quarters are connected by abandoned areas in which the house is located within a narrow street.

The abandoned areas make up small parts of the city and are very different from the picturesque landscape of the town.

Jazz, beer and bread

The Italian city of Salem sells houses for about one euro

Bakery sculpture on display at Salemi’s Church of San Giuseppe.

Francesco Russo

Although Salem may want more citizens, the town does not have to worry about food and events.

The jazz festival is held here every year in memory of American singer Tony Scott, who is buried in Salemi – Scott’s parents were both Sicilian.

The most spectacular “little Oktoberfest” event, where young breweries give a taste of their seed-based venues, often takes place in October.

On St. Joseph, Father’s Day in Italy, celebrates a total of 101 nutritious meals prepared in one week to honor Jesus’ adoptive father.

The event is a restaurant that is popular in the city districts, where food altars with decorative ornaments and statues of bread and other spices are set up, while church altars are decorated with the delicacies of the cross.

Three children from poor families are invited to join the church to attend a party and make noisy dishes.

The “spiritual food” party features signature dishes made from local ingredients, seasoned such as polpette meatballs with fennel and broccoli, and omelets with aromatic herbs, alongside Vastedda lamb cheese.

There are also many techniques for making visible bread.

The festival dates back to pagan times, when harvest festivals, thanksgiving festivals of Sicilian worship, were held to honor Ceres, the goddess of abundance, and to close the annual wheat harvest.

You will find living pillars made of biscuits and cakes representing the holy family, baby Jesus as a round bagel and Madonna as a palm-shaped bread.

Another popular festival is the Busiata Festival, in which attendees are offered hand-baked pasta-baked bowls made by twisting solid wheat around needle-shaped needles to create a longer shape.

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