Inside Tub’s whimsical Alice in Wonderland themed townhouse you possibly can guide on Airbnb

The dining room for the Mad Hatter tea party, a dormitory in the woods where you can search for a white rabbit, and a tribute to the Queen of Hearts are all waiting for guests in Alice in Wonderland living in Bath.

This is because one of the city’s towns was decorated to pay homage to Lewis Carroll’s well-known book, and it is full of amazing and amazing donations to the lovers of the story.

One of the main ones is a large dining room with a long table, with walls covered with flowers so that you feel like you have entered a garden filled with real-life, flower-filled and a large chandelier covered with ornaments frees up more than anything else.

Then there are the side effects such as the image of the White Rabbit and the big pocket watch so you don’t waste time. Oh, yes there are more diggers if you are thinking of having Your Mad Hatter Party!

The flower dining room looks like a very pleasant garden for a tea party

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In the meantime, the living room celebrates the reign of the Queen of Hearts with large wall cards, red, black and white chairs, and some festive artwork from some of the book’s most iconic handwriting.

All the bedrooms are decorated individually, from a room inspired by a lush green forest where you can watch the White Rabbit, to a room with heart-shaped rugs and red chairs in the shaking, Queen of Hearts.

Living room around Alice in Wonderland

In the living room there are red and black chairs recommended by the Queen of Hearts

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There is also a room with a painted roof to look like a sky so that, like Alice, you can only dream a little bit (no matter what the British weather brings).

There is also a small place in the garden for hot summer days if you are looking to win the weather.

The red and white room is a tribute to the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland

The queen of sleeping hearts

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Everything about the site is excellent, and it shows that as a guest, the site is proud of the 4.31 * review on Airbnb.

In addition to its beautiful buildings, the area also has a good location in the middle of the Bath, which is why I travel a bit if you are looking for a Roman bath or just want to build architecture and see local shops and restaurants.

A room with a ceiling painted to look like a sky

One bedroom has a ceiling-like ceiling

Prices start from $ 260 a night (usually less than two nights). The venue can usually accommodate up to 16 people to be able to work for about $ 16.25pp per night, but obviously during the epidemic it is unlikely that you will be able to associate with a group of such size.

You can reserve a seat on the Airbnb page here. Local restrictions may occur so check before planning, reservation or going on a trip. You can find out more about Airbnb’s views on removal here.

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