Influencers instructed to cease asking totally free journeys to assist travel trade

Children say executives have a responsibility to help companies get back on track (Photo: Women All over the World)

Travel agencies are scrambling to keep track of whether the coronavirus has established flights, shutting down hotels and banning international flights.

As sanctions begin to stabilize and the world reopens slowly, companies want to re-emerge – and one blogger says managers should take their part in helping companies get back on track.

Ana Silva O’Reilly’s blogger, also known as Women of the World, encourages other bloggers and leading bloggers to say no for free to help travel companies return to the Covid-19 epidemic.

Blogger has set up a #PayingOurWay group that encourages managers to pay for their trips and stay where they are starting, and cover their channels without asking for payment.

This encourages travel bloggers – many of whom are used to the opportunity to have access to alternative payment methods – to be patient in repatriating journalists’ and ‘free’ travel, and to do what they can to help travel companies pay for their experiences and make more freebies.

The traveling blogger, who has more than 17,000 followers on Instagram, says he regularly counts half of his paid vacation each year, and also has the opportunity to have a partnership.

Mrs. O in Mexico
Final Tour of Children Before Arriving in Mexico (Photo: Women of the World)

The children say this gives him a chance to see how much money his readers and listeners are making on their travels – and also gives him a chance to differentiate between a business trip and a regular vacation.

Given the impact of the epidemic on travel – especially in family-run hotels, independent tour operators and other small businesses – Children have launched a #PayingOurWay initiative to encourage other bloggers and entrepreneurs to continue selling companies to help them overcome this barrier.

‘The impact of the epidemic on tourism is huge, and some small businesses may be struggling to recover,’ says Ana.

‘As mobile and advanced bloggers, we are closely connected with the travel industry – in the end, if travel companies don’t go through this then travel bloggers will have less to write about.

‘It will be a long time before most travel businesses will be able to work together, but if during that time we will be able to keep track of our travels and share our experiences we must continue to do this. That’s why I set up a #PayingOurWay movement. ‘

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Ms. O Worldwide encourages other bloggers and administrators to participate by sharing hashtags on their radio and writing about their work on online blogs.

He encourages travel bloggers to start planning and booking their return visits as soon as possible so that they can resume and share their experiences with their audience so that they can enjoy the trip.

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