In Singapore, a Cruise to Nowhere on the World Dream

IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WORLD’S DREAM, MALACCA INSTRUCTIONS – The drink was a virgin and the woman was friendly when Dream Boys dreamers disturbed the venue. Masks on the beach were legal. Hand-held facilities were easily accessible to the presses.

And in a future vision for global travel companies, World Dream trainers wore little pink beans that supervised their location and recorded the names of everyone they met.

“We are in an international prison and we are working hard to make your voyage healthy.” Robert Bodin, the captain of the ship, told his 1,400 passengers on board, in contrast to what they invited him to do to relax and enjoy the voyage.

Singapore, along with several countries in Europe and Japan, has expanded its travel business. While many ships are useless around the world, the government-board has encouraged fewer and more guided tours.

To find out how this came about, I booked a three-day trip to the World Dream. My friends and co-workers wondered why I wanted to go for what some called the “floating petrol plate.” Their fears were unfounded. U.S. health officials say people should avoid ships and that crews should establish a starting point. The largest roads in the United States have announced their resumption until 2021. One week before takeoff, a Caribbean cruise ship from Barbados was forced to return five people after being tested for coronavirus.

I consulted with an infectious disease specialist to inquire about its dangers.

“When I first saw your email, I thought, ‘It’s a bad idea,’ ‘says Dr. Edward Ryan, head of global epidemiology at Massachusetts General Hospital. However, he and others told me that Singapore restrictions make travel more secure.

“When I see what they’re doing,” said Dr. Ryan, “makes me the right shoot.”

The demand is still there. Genting Cruise Lines, which oversees the World Dream, says it has received 6,000 in less than five days. Reservations at the Royal Caribbean, which is planning to travel from Singapore this month, have risen six times more than the company finds in October, say sailors.

World Dream offers almost everything it did before the coronavirus hit, says Genting, including zips, two pools, a casino, 11 restaurants and bars, as well as a variety of shows. The only karaoke room was closed, according to Singapore government officials.

Singapore requires passengers to undergo coronavirus tests before boarding. Instead of doing business in Hong Kong, Okinawa or other places in the sun, the train passes through Singapore. Power is reduced in the middle, to the limit of 1,700 guests.

Following Singapore’s advice, the sea voyages redesigned their filters and strengthened operations. It requires passengers to carry communications equipment, which is in line with Singapore’s monitoring systems. They experimented with what to do if the rider showed signs: testing, communicating, excluding any infected people, telling riders to return to their homes and go home.

Royal Caribbean is planning to buy Covid-19 insurance for every passenger who can raise as much as $ 19,000 if the visitor is infected, says Angie Stephen, director-general of Asia-Pacific.

That led to about 40%, said Michael Goh, chief marketing officer at Genting Cruise Lines, at a press conference. But they make travel “one of the safest holidays at the moment,” he said.

Genting is also testing his health. The World Dream website, which talks about better air quality (“100% outdoor air conditioning”) and food hygiene, “said the World Dream page. (” Self-reliance on restaurants alone is suspended. “)

Regina Setar, 38, a temporary security guard, said she learned this before accompanying her 70-year-old mother. His mother has diabetes and recently underwent knee surgery but “covered them at home, watching everything about Covid.” He paid about $ 300 for a room on the porch.

“I don’t want to do anything,” said Setar. “I do not want to do that. My dad would kill me whenever anything happened. ”

Probably the main reason I felt safe on this trip was that, after boarding the ship, Singapore went seven straight days without any coronavirus cases.

I had to get an urgent antigen test, supervised by a paramedic whispering a small piece of cloth through my nose. It was not as dangerous as long-lasting swabs used in so-called PCR tests, a coronavirus-detection method. Antigen testing is easy to give in large groups of people, but experts warn that they will not catch anyone infected with the virus.

That’s why Genting takes some. In accordance with Singapore’s law, it has deployed 40 “maritime diplomats” in a dark blue shirt to keep visitors out. You get used to hearing them say, “Please split one meter.”

Almost all passengers follow, “but there is always 1%,” says Zulkifli bin Ibrahim, a travel agent. One of the passengers, Zulkifli, said he shouted at the victim, reminding the passenger to wear a mask after swimming.

Food tests the limits. Guests lined up at the 10-foot-high[3 m]trees, forming long rows in the working areas. He invited the chefs, who used gloves and parties to fill the dishes.

At one dinner party, an elderly woman, with her mask pulled under her chin, was looking at the offerings on the table. The traveling minister approached him nervously, saying: “Alas, auntie! Your skull!”

The casino was a great artist. Most people with white hair sat in rows of input machines, as well as three feet long. There were several mahjong tables. A group of older women, wearing masks, moving tiles.

I am convinced that I was not the only one who was concerned about its dangers. A cough would make me wonder if the two tables from me were infected with germs.

However, the riders seem to appreciate their opportunity to get somewhere for the first time since its inception, even if the “somewhere” was a submarine.

“It’s been years since I’ve walked!” said Doris Yeo, sales assistant and cruise aficionado, who was laughing with nine other people, mostly in the family, as they spread out on two dining tables. His relatives connected, he said, because he “likes to gamble.”

“There’s everything under one roof,” he said. “That’s great.”

The next day, I ran to the theater to show the program “Verry Christmas”, which had a Christmas theme. The pulling queen wearing white hair, fur and a dress sang “Santa Baby” in the Santa Clauses group. The audience, memorized, paid and shouted.

Last night on a cruise, I took it to the Dream Boys men’s show at a Chinese restaurant. She was described as a “woman of the night when your mind will come back to life.” The room seemed crowded, even though the audience was at least three feet away from the variation of the round table. Because the protest started after 10:30 pm, he did not drink alcohol, according to Singapore’s Covid-19 regulations.

The dance moves – military-style sculptures, and working with the captain’s hats and not much else – faced challenges, immobilization and even masks. Calling for the curtain, the audience clapped and cheered, with one woman shouting, “Encore!”

Enjoyment and relaxation are well anticipated on the Covid-19 tour. Indications must be booked in advance. Swimmers need to do the same – a large pool allows 26 swimmers at a time, and can only swim for an hour.

With a little preparation, Raymond Lim and his wife managed to swim, beat Jacuzzi and study ballet and dance classes. (“Very interesting.”) He also took a class of stone dyes. (“Slightly crippled.”)

Lim, who works for the Singapore Tourism Board, called it a “good holiday” but a “safe trip.” Compared to his previous visits, he said later, he did not find a place to hang out, and “there was no sudden dancing”.

Lim says, “most of all, you can’t relax.”

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