If You are Not Comfy Touring Now, Do not Browbeat Folks Who Are

I’m a travel writer, and over the past decade, I’ve used my experience to entice readers to create their own globetrotting. I think my survivors were encouraging. I never expect that one day I will be embarrassed for them.

It has been difficult to establish for a long time in an effort to combat the epidemic, but, perhaps like you, I isolated myself from my home. As the months go by, I watch my market go down. Passports have failed, restaurants have been closed, and airplanes and hotels have fired workers.

It began to feel that companies could come back when the economy is full of the promise of summer. The excitement began when people resumed sharing a small vacation – and then became frustrated as others released vitriol. The practice was called “shameful conduct.”

This is not the same as expressing concern or asking vacationers to take a more serious look. Shame on coercion and coercion – deliberately – one’s attitude towards social responsibility, prepares for shame. Travelers recording travel notes, or inquiring about future trips, began to bring anger and judging on television.

I remember trying water on Instagram and late in late June at a hotel near my house. All my comments were about safety, not noise. However, a few minutes later, I received a message from a friend who was upset that I was promoting this dangerous practice. When the related posts got the same rage, I didn’t know how to do it. Travel inspiration is my job, after all.

Some people want to take risks – and it’s possible

Some marketers have also noticed this, too, with Scott’s Daily and The Points Guy openly calling for quitting and quitting embarrassment – because while appropriate, waiting for a vaccine would not be possible.

The vast majority of people do not want to risk traveling for a variety of reasons. Others are concerned about the dangers and, as a precautionary measure, are free to switch to European holidays at the nearby beach. The fact is, travel is not at risk, and for many, climate change is not uncommon, it is medical.

If you are not feeling well right now, that’s fine. Most people would agree, however, that sending negative comments to those who choose to continue traveling is not helpful. It does not change systems, nor does it elevate us during these difficult times.

“If you choose to ‘share’ your opportunity, you should expect to be invited,” said one shy online social media user. “Joe” did not explain why he felt it was his place to be a proper manager. This is not helpful, first of all, because shame has not changed anyone’s opinion.

Jill, from Jacksonville, Florida, is a good example. She used airplanes to take her young children on trips to distant families. “It was one of the best parts of a very difficult summer,” he recalled.

“I shared these photos on Facebook and immediately met people telling me how selfish I was. That I put my kids at risk and I’m a bad mother,” Jill said. Even after deleting the message, he continued to receive incorrect messages.

“It was crazy, but it didn’t stop us from going [on other trips], ”He continued. “At first, I was flattered because it seemed to attack my character, but it just opened my eyes to the fear of others. The loss of power in their lives is manifested in ways that are contrary to what they are doing. “

Shame Walks It Does Not Help

Embarrassment also helps other travelers to protect themselves, and embarrassing comments make others more determined to go. Teri of Washington, DC is not ashamed to defend what she did. “I’m not afraid to walk at all,” he told me, emphasizing that he had boarded six flights in July alone. “I can point to the CDC’s guidance and ideas from the US Travel Association which say that what I am following is enough.”

Don’t just think that people are writing too little about their return home. Some travelers choose to hang out with them for fear of retaliation.

Marianne, from Baltimore, Maryland, says: “Many of my friends and I kept our secret. “Obviously, I went [Chesapeake Bay] and boyfriends in the summer, but I didn’t share as much as I used to. And I asked my friends to keep it on the ground, too. ”

Travel Aids Companies

The shame of walking has to stop especially because it is destroying companies that have already been damaged that offer little that they can get back on track. “Walking is important for others to keep their jobs,” Richard Kerr wrote in a recent post entitled ‘Shame is here – and it’s hard’ on the popular wanderlust page ThePointsGuy.com. “On the other hand, remember that some people’s actions depend on others when choosing to travel.”

Travel writers like me who have struggled with the knowledge that our work is deafening when many people are sick, out of work, or closing their businesses, have been encouraged to see that other people are free to travel.

“Safe navigation is a great way to help struggling companies,” admitted a New York City businessman, who said the response to his writing was positive, but has always been more focused on what he shared.

Some bloggers who travel, however, even cautiously, bow to the event, not wanting to be accused of being ruthless or extreme while the rest of the world is in turmoil.

“Our lives depend on the journey and making it what it is,” Sarah, a blogger from Los Angeles, told me, lamenting the fall after sharing recent trips with fans. “His answer was a resounding no. Looking back, I would have written a long list of all the work that my friends and I did, but I think – it was my mistake – that the followers were ready to resume their travel preparations. Hating my job makes me angry, but I am learning to change. ”

Stop Walking in Shyness and Be Kind

Even with very few side effects, the embarrassment of travelers will not go away anytime soon. This is because the sarcasm not only involves health problems but also self-indulgence; it often boils down to fear and, I would say, jealousy. Opponents want someone to blame in a world that has felt helpless, unhappy, and insecure.

“People can and will judge. It is part of human nature,” said one of my colleagues in the entertainment industry. “But anyone who thinks it is their duty to punish someone for something has the right to do so. [they] We need to understand that they may not be spreading the virus, but they are also spreading the virus of hatred and anger, and this has serious consequences. ”

No one benefits from online trolls who inquire about morals and forms. Instead, let us be kind as we all strive to go through the most difficult times in our lives. So stay home if it is convenient for you. Walk safely if you feel comfortable. Everyone has a vested interest in caution and a keen sense of humor, but it should be stopped.

Kate Michael is an independent freelance journalist sharing travel, expertise, politics, and life stories.

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