I assumed ‘flights to nowhere’ have been foolish. Then I went on one.

Hong Kong (CNN) – I have been to several flights where people clap when the plane arrives. But this was the first time I had ever been on a plane when everyone clapped as they took off.

The Hong Kong Express, a low-cost carrier from – as you can imagine from the name – to Hong Kong, has become the most recent aircraft to offer viewing “travel destinations,” which affects planes arriving at their destination, not stopping anywhere.At present, such trips are popular. Qantas tours for seven-way tours around Australia, which promise spectacular views of the Uluru and Great Barrier Reef, have been sold out for 10 minutes.

In addition to giving the aircraft a chance to recoup the lost profits, these flights also provide an opportunity for the airline to get back to heaven, and enjoy some more.

Hello Kitty’s special EVA Air flight may not have gone anywhere, but the passengers have a smaller version of Hello Kitty.

Even though the idea of ​​travel at first seemed absurd to me – you have to deal with all the security issues of the airport, then you don’t have a display? – When I realized that the domestic plane was offering, I could not refuse.


My favorite route to the airport is via a high-speed train departing from Hong Kong Station.

Just like anywhere else in the city, train passengers are filled with placards reminding people to wear masks. Still, I felt brave enough to run away for a little while to get some water. Removing the mask from Hong Kong right now is illegal, and I felt like I was in danger even though no one was around to see me. (Other than that, it’s not hard to be in a group when you’re the only one on the platform.)

Although a few other stumps were boarded at the train station in Kowloon and Tsing Yi, I had a full half-hour car ride. I found myself with free chargers and free Wi-Fi.

The train is often fun, but doing without a backpack was a game changer. Or a shoulder changer.

Arrive at the airport

Although we did not take off in Hong Kong, everyone on board had to pass through airport security. This means I have to pull out my passport and keep my socks in my bag to take off my shoes.

Temperatures have been on display at Hong Kong International Airport since the days of SARS and avian flu, but higher protocols mean more free-of-the-art hand-held containers and the presence of cleaning staff.

It’s a good thing that there wasn’t a lot of safety line, though – at the last minute, I had to take things out of my pockets and get my Color out of his hands. It’s legal: I’m not working. A year ago, I would have complained to someone about doing the same thing to a security guard.

Most of the shops and restaurants at the airport were closed, and there were more posters asking for more socializing than most people do.

Front: The toilets were very clean.

Challenge: Not being on a global tour meant that a vacant shop was a limit.


When I work as a writer and plan trips, I like to fly once a month. Time to go with your work, it takes some beauty – all the cost of eating for $ 12 and shooting loudly increases.

But as the plane slowly took off at the gate, I felt a little out of place. Suddenly, we began to clap our hands.

A spokesman for the Hong Kong Express told us that one of the reasons why their planes do not go anywhere is to remind people of the magic of travelers. Thirty seconds from this trip, I feel like I’m breathing. I found myself thinking about my grandmother who died, who grew up during the Great Depression and did not fly for the first time until she was in her thirties.

It’s easy to forget that a plane is a miracle.

I’m usually a welcoming adult. But around 75 minutes around Hong Kong, everything was on the screen.

It wasn’t just the lack of destination that made the trip so different, however. There was no food or drink – easy to keep masks that way – and no luggage. Boarding spread, and all central seats were closed. More than just flying in space, it was a reflection of how flying might return to Earth.


In the meantime, anyone coming to Hong Kong must stay away for 14 days at their home or hotel.

To ensure that Hong Kong Express passengers are not welcomed by the board, each of us is provided with bright lanyards to wear on arrival. It was like separating a person from being a vampire and our lanyards were garlic, but the machine worked.

Even though I don’t have a jet lag or a stamp in my passport, my commute to the place didn’t sound a little – a little bit – like a vacation.

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