I am in My 50s and Love Magnificence—Here is What I am Asking For and Gifting This Season

If you’ve been reading our beauty pageant for a while on Who What Wear, you probably already know one of our favorite things about Los Angeles – her style, beauty, and fashion designer, Melissa Meyers (also known as The Glow Girl). Not only are Meyers not only helpful in the use of pure, non-toxic beauty, but she also enjoys sharing her techniques and her aging habits. In a nutshell, Meyers wants to understand the aging process and empower women to become self-employed — whether they jump on the bandwagon and try makeup, embracing makeup (instead of the sun), or just knowing the best and most effective jewelry.

We encourage you to follow her on Instagram at @melissameyers and post her frequently on The Glow Girl. (Click here for all the dedicated Who Who Wear beauties beauty and style!)

‘This is a gift-giving season, and while we’ve been busy developing state-of-the-art technology-approved editors to help you earn more money this year, we’d love to receive feedback from some of your favorite friends. Being a well-informed blogger, we didn’t wait for Meyers to comment on his top 2020 gifts and aspirations. Below, she gets involved in all of her best vacation plans and beyond. Keep blowing!

My highest recommendation:

Furtuna Skin for Alberie Biphase Refreshing Oil ($ 225)

“I love this beautiful Sicily-made oil. It soothes the skin and is a great gift for any beautiful aficionado with its light texture and aroma.”

Tula’s Permanent Skin Starts Here Tools for 5 Tools ($ 52)

“I like to give gifts because it gives someone a chance to try out a few heroes at a higher price. This travel preparation tool is the beginning of some of Tula’s favorite.”

The story goes on

Espa Give Me Near the Kit ($ 45)

“I’ve been a fan of the brand for years, and I love giving this gift as a stimulant to the lips, hands, and mind.”

Kora Organics Likes to Hide the Duo ($ 22)

“Miranda Kerr is always right with her 100% pure-natural beauty — this show has what I’m talking about!”

Saint Jane Beauty CBD Glow Kit ($ 46)

“This slim set goes with it to some degree with a beautiful CBD rewarding serum and glossy lips. At the moment I really like this color.”

Physical Requirements ($ 60)

“Full growth will elevate everyone’s physical fitness!”

Switch2Pure Self-Care Mother Bundle ($ 110)

“The best package to take care of all foreign milk supplies that meet the 2020 requirements.”

Goop Glow-Getter Tool ($ 135)

“This is a great gift to give your gift a glow from head to toe and try some of Goop’s best-selling products.”

Lab at Beauty Giving Body ($ 250)

“I love how all of these things are encouraged by the movement of the farm and the table; it puts the seeds at the forefront of all CBD bases. I’m obsessed with the swimming bomb and the intrusion, especially.”

Pai Skincare Wash Cream & Oil Cleansing ($ 89)

“A very beautiful duo who cleans very well, and is good at complex skin types.”

Indie Lee Discovery Tool ($ 29)

“Turn one into an amazing line of skin care with this tool!”

Milk + Honey Skincare Hero Set ($ 170)

“I love everything I’ve tried so far from this beautiful line-up! And all the equipment is excellent! They also make antimicrobials for the hands.”

MDO Skin Transform Kit ($ 119)

“This is a great gift to help someone get back on track (if they are in such a thing!). It’s the imagination of great architect Simon Ourian, MD.”

Read Ayurvedic Vitamin C Serum ($ 118)

“It’s just an excellent serum of vitamin C for strengthening, warming, and strengthening the collagen. And the aroma is dead.”

The White Star The Kitter ($ 52)

“Do you know anyone who is looking for a change in the beauty of the New Year? Create challenges with natural care, non-toxic and a beautiful tool. I’m used to its natural products!”

Dr. Barbara Sturm Discovery Set ($ 110)

“I love sharing this tool with all of Dr. Barbara Sturm’s best-selling brands in a friendly way. It’s always a lot harder!”

Westman Atelier Le Box GP Edition ($ 173)

“Because makeup artist Gucci Westman is well versed in the subject of pure beauty, I use her products every day.

Vapor One Night Vacation Cold ($ 75)

“These beautiful makeup looks great on all skin types and is a great palette in winter.”

Detox Market Best Green Box ($ 149)

“Another gift I love! This excellent box from the Detox Market contains a lot of things made in one of the best ways. It’s a great sample for anyone who loves beauty.”

Sdara Skincare Derma Roller 0.25mm ($ 24)

“For the DIY person in your life, the most important support for this activity to do at home! This is an easy-to-use tool that helps with beautiful aging.”

Slip Pure Silk Beauty Sleep Gift ($ 92)

“This ski makes it easy to get a good night’s sleep. I think it’s a great gift for everyone these days.”

Angel Jewel ($ 199)

“This bundle gives a great gift to anyone who has their hair. The smaller color has L’ange’s best accessories, and the black color is everything!”

Candles of Voyage et Cie Lavender ($ 28)

“These candles complete the days of care. Beautiful vessels and fragrant vessels – my go-tos are Malibu, Lavender, Vanilla, and Jerusalem.”

Beautiful Chocolate Bar Full Movie ($ 53)

“These amazing chocolates promote beauty and health, a gift that every health-conscious chocolate would love! It has no sugar and milk, and extra collagen, adaptogens, and excellent nutrition.

Wing Strength & Gratitude ($ 60)

“This is a great gift for the new year, relax and recent, from one of my favorite CBD favorites. Check out some of its gifts because you can’t go wrong here!”

Hush & Hush Holiday Holiday Supplement Living Gift ($ 85)

“A perfect gift from my favorite brand! If your gift has never been tested by Hush & Hush, they will fall in love with each other once they get the full range of these products.”

Top of my beauty list:

Furtuna Skin Reform Skin ($ 225)

“I love what I’ve tried from Furtuna so far, so I have everything I have for my ambitions this year – I want to try everything!”

Saint Jane Beautiful Serum Body Serum ($ 58)

“I’m a big fan of cosmetics and Saint Jane faces, which is why Heavenly Serum is on my experimental list.”

Nécessaire Physical Therapy in Sandalwood ($ 80)

I want everything from the Nécessaire line – the smell of sandalwood is my list to try. “

Augustinus Bader The Tandem ($ 385)

Augustinus Bader is another religious person I have heard of. It’s on top of what I want to do this year! “

Water Decorating Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizer ($ 70)

“I’m a big fan of a lot of Juice Beauty items, but this made my list since I still haven’t tried it!”

Westman Atelier Eye Loves You Mascara ($ 62)

“As I said earlier, I’m on everything I’ve tried from Westman Atelier. Next, the brand’s mascara is Baby Cheeks Blush Sticks!”

Vapor Hypnotic Eyeshadow Quad ($ 48)

“I’ve been looking for a lot of different colors from Vapor because soooo many of them look great!”

Dyson Airwrap pilot ($ 549)

“Dyson Airwrap! It’s definitely on my water list.”

Life Studio Form ($ 2495)

“I love exercising every day, and in isolation from other people, I’ve been able to make my own way home, but this gift really helps to make it easier. It’s great for anyone who wants to bring good looking classes to their home!”

In the future, the best gifts you can ever buy are from someone, according to the Editor of Beauty

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