How you can Maximize Travel Rewards on Vacation Spending This 12 months | Travel

Use the retail space wisely

Merchant sites and refunds allow you to earn more rewards than you earn through your card, and spend double the amount of money you spend. Connected together, these rewards can be very significant.

An interesting combination to remember is to support the return of Rakuten and American Express, which gives you the opportunity to receive a Membership Award instead of money. So instead of paying back, let’s say, 10% of what you bought through the Rakuten portal, you would receive 10x Membership Rewards.

At some level nervous, sites like Cashback Monitor compare the return on revenue and rewards to various vendors. So if you want to buy from a particular store, you can see which job offers the best reward for your buck.

(Often) do not buy gifts and points

It can be tempting to make money on travel that you have to buy directly, and many profitable programs offer this option. However, these redemptions are often cheaper compared to using these points to reserve trips, or to relocate passengers.

When in doubt, hold on to your principles for the future, or find a better alternative.

An important point

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