How one LA bookstore proprietor is reinventing her enterprise

Celene Navarrete first met her business partner Chiara Arroyo at a book fair at their children’s school.

“Chiara is from Spain and I am from Mexico, and our children attend a bilingual program in Los Angeles,” Navarrete said.

All of them hope to find more Spanish literature at the book fair.

“But that was not the case. And it was very frustrating for us, ”she recalls. “We decided to take action.”

That’s when LA Librería, a Los Angeles bookstore that specializes in children’s books from Spanish-speaking countries around the world, was born. Navarrete and Arroyo travel to Latin America and Spain to obtain children’s books in the vernacular. They carefully select books that connect children and adults in the United States and bring them back to their shelves.

“LA Librería is no better than a bookstore,” Navarrete said. It is a traditional place, where people connect with other families who have bilingual children. ”

Prior to the epidemic, they performed at the store and brought in some of their own books to show off in various schools. But all of that has changed. Their shopping center has been closed since March, and they have not been able to take part in their face-to-face talks.

“We need to start over with how we work with our team, and with our clients,” Navarrete said. “People who come to the store are looking at their experiences, the same for people who buy a book from us. As a result, it has been very difficult.”

Is it most recent with emergency assistance from the federal government?

President Donald Trump sent a message in the first tweet that he was ending negotiations on big money until an election is held. Later, on the same day, he called for incentives, including a $ 1,200 epidemic check for families to be signed by the president and to arrive before election day. As a result, some are whipping here. Karen Petrou, co-founder of Washington’s Federal Financial Analytics company, said “the president is always talking. I mean, he’s just trying to make a deal. That’s the only way I can explain this.”

Are people still expecting unemployment?

Yes. There is no way to know how many people have been waiting for months and still do not find unemployment, because countries do not have a good way to track the type of data, according to Andrew Stettner of The Century Foundation. But according to statistics, only 60% of people who apply for the benefits they are currently receiving. This means that there are millions still waiting. Read more here about what they do in this regard.

What happens to the sellers, especially with the holiday shopping season approaching?

A second report Tuesday from the BDO USA accounting firm stated that 29 major retailers filed a bankruptcy lawsuit in August. And if bankruptcy continues at the same rate, the figure could count against bankruptcy for 2010, after the Great Depression. For retailers, the last three months of this year will be more difficult than ever to survive as they look forward to the holiday season.

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