How one can ebook your post-lockdown vacation

Inef there has been a winter break, it is a fact. The darkness of the oil has gone far enough; Once the blockage is removed, the idea of ​​spending a week or two without sleeping on a hot beach will be more appealing than ever.

Suddenly, instead of things to avoid due to health problems, long-distance travel seems to be the most important thing – the most important escape. And just once, there has been good news for those seeking sunshine over the past few weeks. The Seychelles and – above all in a budget view – all the Canary Islands have been added to the Government’s “green list,” which means you shouldn’t exclude returnees.

But, can all of this be the same as Caribbean interest? Obviously there is no place for a good winter – a reliable sun, a tropical heat reduces the sea breeze and the warm ocean to cool. In the case of the plague, you may find comfort in knowing that the region has had the opportunity to survive lightly. Obviously, the incidence of the disease is much lower than it is now.

But where should you go? That’s a very special point in the Caribbean this week: our professional writers are also reviewing the best practices, including our 10 best vacation in the Caribbean this winter. Nigel Tisdall is said to have returned from Barbados, which has changed its rules to allow visitors to stay in their residences. James Henderson is also reviewing the newest real estate market and reflecting on their complex history. And Michelle Jana Chan is visiting the St Barts shelter and mixed with billionaires and bohemians. In addition, we select the best bird watching holiday in the area and give you the latest news of the launch of Covid-19 and ban on all islands (see below).

If you are tempted, and you plan to go ashore, do not hesitate to reserve a place too long. Tour operators are showing great business, and Christmas, New Year and the half of February have already been sold out. In early December, the prospect of finding a solution to rid the city of all its ills was in full swing.

From tourist lanes to testing – don’t hesitate to run

Thirteen Caribbean countries and territories – about half of the region – are currently on the British Government’s green list, as all of them have no plans to oppose international travel and are no longer required to return to England. (Of those not mentioned in the list are the Dominican Republic and Jamaica.)

Each island has a variety of elevated access systems, which you should consider before registering. It would be easy to run too fast if you could book a package vacation with a well-known Caribbean tourist. Consider Caribtours (020 7751 0660;, Tropic Breeze (01752 880880;, Just Grenada (01373 814214;, Just Bequia ( , Residential Location (01244 897581; and Carrier (0161 464 7842;

In addition to being well aware of the latest regulations, these companies also offer a guarantee of working with tested testers on their popular islands, and they should have an outside knowledge of their destination and any hotel they own. He also promises to be as flexible as possible in registration.

In order to visit most of the Caribbean countries from the UK, you will need proof of a bad Covid-19 test that was taken before flying. Tourists can talk about a test site in Britain.

Before you decide which island to visit, be aware of the exclusion of everyone and it is important to test again. Coming from the UK, this is important in Barbados but not Antigua or St Lucia.

If you are going to a country where you need to have a valid hotel for the first few days of your vacation, you may want to add a few days to your trip to pay for it. Find out how the hotel can improve for itself. Should you just stay in your bedroom? If so, make sure you have a good one with your own backyard or balcony.

All the rest of the islands is very popular. Choose from anywhere you choose.

How much more would you be able to find out beyond your hotel? In St Lucia, you are not allowed to do this on your own, but you have to go for a walk. In Cuba, access is not permitted in some places, such as Havana, and Barbados, Antigua and Grenada, if you choose to test Covid four days later and prove that you do not, there are no other restrictions you can go to.

For privacy and privacy, consider the home. Barbados has a good choice of Covid official locations.

Think of a hotel on a mysterious island. There are options in St Vincent and the Grenadines and the British Virgin Islands, and Jumby Bay, in Antigua.

Geographers say the importance of Antigua, St Lucia and Barbados in the long run in the coming months is mounting, due to the fact that the islands are ideal and that some Caribbean islands and other places (e.g. Florida) are unlimited.

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