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Murder Times Six – The Assassination of Wells Gray Park author Alan R. Warren

I have enjoyed reading for many years now, I recently decided to add a book reading section to my blog. What I have recently read is a new release by the author called; Killing Six Times.

The title of the book immediately caught my attention and I just had to explain more. It brought back memories and vivid memories of this horrific event that took place in the beautiful Well Gray National Park in British Columbia, Canada. The part where I live and practice my job.

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to read and comment on my own about the author and author.

About The Author Of The Six Time Killing

Author Alan.  R. Warren

Alan R. Warren is a well-known and respected author of several publications for Best Practices. They are also the developers and developers of Secret House, a NBC radio program.

For many years, Alan has written articles for True Case Files Magazine and continues to contribute to Serial Killer Magazine. To date, it has 16 completed translation journals. He is well-respected in the legal community, working closely with the police, the brothers and sisters in whom his case is based.

The True Story of the Killing of Wells Gray Park

Killing Six Times

It may seem strange to me to review a picture book like this, when my blog is all about travel, health and fitness, but this book caught me off guard when I heard and released it. I am a 31-year-old retired police officer, and I have been working in British Columbia all this time.

I was only a police officer for about two years when this happened, making a national statement and being known to the media. I vividly remember what happened and something that hits home with everyone.

It made him realize that we are sometimes insecure, especially with people who do not care about others.

The future can be cruel at times and irrational!

Remembering the Johnson & Bentley Family

Photo of Johnson Bentley Family

This review only captures the memory of the Johnson & Bentley Family. A family of three generations whose lives were tragically taken, we enjoy a wonderful camp together at Wells Gray National Park in the summer of 1982.

Photo of the Johnson Family

Their 6th party was brutally murdered by a man I refuse to mention above. He was later convicted and charged with murder and remains in prison to this day. They will resume parole in 2021.

The author carefully described all that led to the tragedy, including police interviews and participation, statements made by their opponents, their family members and much more.

He also described in detail how the Criminal Justice System in Canada and the Parole Board of Canada operate in the country. It is well-read, especially for anyone interested in legal and virtual publications.

Johnson Bentley Aquatic Center & Memorial

Johnson Bentley Aquatic Center

As a good ticket to the bereaved family and family, Kelowna City in British Columbia has named their Recreation Aquatic Center in memory of those who have suffered in this tragedy.

???? Johnson Bentley Memorial Aquatic Center

We all need to remember how unstable life can be, and how it can take us to heartbeat. All of us who enjoy the outdoors, running away from the camp, socializing with friends and relatives, let us not forget that we have the opportunity to continue to do this safely.

For the couple, it was simply a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time and in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Below, I have also included a link to the author’s official page and have submitted it to that page for more information on this page for your enjoyment.

Alan R. Warren Logo

???? Alan R. Warren – Official Website

I have also included an online article written when the author released his book. It details the tragic events with the release of this book.

Kelowna Capital News logo

???? Kelowna Capital News article

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