Home Searching in Russia: Inexperienced and Fashionable on the Gulf of Finland

The five-bedroom apartment is located in a closed area in the village of Repino, a rest area in the Gulf of Finland, in western Russia, about 12 miles[20 km]from the historic Saint Petersburg.

The 8,611-square-foot building was built in 2012 on a wooden, 0.91-acre site with a spring, pool, gazebo and 1,076 staff house.

The site “ensures that it is located close to Saint Petersburg, and a high and comfortable place,” said Filippo Mascellaro, executive director of Kensington International Group, which has an indistinguishable list of owners.

The entrance to the 65-yard courtyard leads to a stone courtyard in front of the house, with a three-car garage to the right of the open front door. Behind the counter, filters illuminate through the lower windows to the open ceiling, a high-rise hall, where four red De Sede red chairs sing in the fireplace. The house for sale has everything.

The living space is spread out under three sections connected by floating stone stairs with zebra stone signs. The tree, consisting of black, yellow, and brown wine, is also used for doors, TVs and a local library. The walls are finished with Venetian plaster, with Italian tile floors and German parish underneath.

Two steps, a curved living room, a white leather sofa and wall-facing TV chairs, part of the Bang & Olufsen multimedia system. Paintings of Viktor Anufriev, a contemporary artist in Saint Petersburg, have been ordered mainly on the walls.

The kitchen has decorated wood cabinets with red wine-free varnish, matching glass, aluminum frames and stone countertops. The rear is a glass of opal. The bakery is located on the central island.

Two guest bedrooms, one room, are located below the windowway overlooking the stadium. On the porch, the indoor swimming pool and heated Jacuzzi are supported by silver ions and ultraviolet light instead of chemicals. The circular water closet also features a bathroom and sauna, with an outlet and upstairs.

Upstairs, the main bedroom has a roof, a balcony, a bedroom and an studio with an Italian desk and other furniture. The other two bedrooms on the other side of the upstairs room have bathrooms and spacious bedrooms. One has mud-soaked windows that reach to the roof; the others include a playroom.

A billiard room, a gym, a gym, a laundry room and a storage area on the ground floor. Smart home appliances control temperature, ventilation, window skin and lighting the area, and there is 24-hour video viewing.

The yard is accessible from any basement. In one case, the Alpine landscape has a river. The stadium is designed and equipped with external heating.

The village of Repino, a popular Finnish resort from 1917 to 1948, is known for its beaches and huge piles along the Gulf of Finland, as well as restaurants, bars, shops and hotels. It takes 25 minutes to drive to Saint Petersburg, Russia’s second-largest city, and Pulkovo Airport is about 45 minutes long. Moscow, the capital of Russia, is located about 250 miles[450 km]southeast.

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union 30 years ago, Russians have endured a number of bribes and other economic hardships, making them penniless, says Nikolay Pashkov, general manager of Knight Frank Saint Petersburg. Real estate is another matter.

“Every crisis encourages the Russian people to buy land,” Pashkov said.

This year, the coronavirus epidemic has exacerbated the recent economic downturn and other economic crises. But “in spite of the current situation, the importance of real estate, both in the market and in the early stages, was significant,” he said.

Sales prices have followed. After reaching the lowest level in 2019, the market reopened in early 2020 and saw commodity prices in Russia rise steadily in the third quarter of new and existing homes, according to Moody’s Analytics, an economic analyst.

From January to September 2020, the growth rate of housing exceeds the same period in 2019 by 7 percent and 14% of total housing growth. This year “promises to be higher than 2019 when it comes to sales,” said Mr.

The epidemic has also fueled the desire for land, causing sales in the city square to “double,” said Aleksander Ginovker, chief executive of Saint Petersburg’s Nevsky Prostor Real Estate. “People have come to realize that being in the country is good for everything.”

(As of November 30, Russia had 2.8 million cases of Covid-19 and 39,491 cases, according to a New York Times map of coronavirus world.)

In addition, in the nonluxury or “common sector,” the incidence has increased dramatically as a result of government-sponsored “benefit housing programs,” with interest rates on debt reduced by 6.5 percent or less – a record low in Russia, Ginovker said.

In Saint Petersburg, “restrictions” have been put in place over the past 10 years on new construction in the central city, making it difficult “for those planning to acquire and approve new projects,” Pashkov said. As a result, high-end projects have moved to the “gray belt” – a former industrial area outside the old capital. New market activities include events mixed with a number of homes and landfills, bars and schools in formerly agricultural and industrial areas away from the city.

“They no longer have luxury homes, but luxury homes,” he said.

In Moscow, prices are 50 to 100% higher than in Saint Petersburg, although sales figures are similar, Ginovker said. Saint Petersburg – home to about 5.4 million people – $ 500,000 can buy two or three homes in a new business on Krestovsky Island, in the Gulf of Finland. For $ 1 million, a buyer can afford a three- or four-bedroom apartment in a new dormitory, or a small 2,400-square-foot apartment in Komarovo, a beach resort, 27 miles from the center of Saint Petersburg.

“Buying land in Saint Petersburg is considered profitable,” Ginovker said. “Saint Petersburg is one of the 10 cities in the world with the highest rise in house prices.”

In the end, a house in a “luxury” house on the famous Krestovsky island has $ 1,300 to $ 1,900 a meter, says Irina Mosheva, chief of Moscow Sotheby’s International Realty.

Foreign buyers tend to be real estate agents, Ms. Mosheva said, adding that about half of tourists who buy property in Russia do so in Saint Petersburg.

Most buyers come from neighboring countries such as Belarus and Ukraine, Ms. Mosheva said, and others from Finland, Latvia, Estonia, India, Lithuania and Britain.

Customers affected by the educational, industrial, scientific and cultural activities in Saint Petersburg come from the United Arab Emirates, France, Italy, Switzerland, Iran, China, Korea and Vietnam, Ginovker said.

There are no restrictions on the homes or apartments of foreign buyers, Pashkov said, with the exception of residential areas on the state border, on farmland or in the vicinity.

A notary or lawyer is not required to close, but guests often have a lawyer to assist with the event, especially if it has happened in the distance.

There are no additional fees or taxes for foreigners, but additional fees may be incurred by the translator and notary, which is required for certifying the Russian translation documents, Pashkov said.

Foreign buyers are required to prove their identity, including a passport, a Russian translation of a valid passport, visa, immigration card, temporary residence permit or residence permit. When a consumer gets married, his or her spouse has to accept the offer.

Russian; Russian ruble (1 ruble = $ 0.013)

Property taxes are about $ 80 (6,000 rubles) a year.

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